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RMAF 2009 Analog Report + Meet and Greet
Hi Dre,I am looking forward to meeting you too. I have heard so much about you. Don't worry, it's all good. 
Best Arm for Raven One?
The Phantom seems to be the top pick. I was thinking about the Phantom or the Dynavector. 
Preamp Deal of the Century
I have been using SRA VR3 iso bases under my Supratek Cortese preamp and power supply for years with no sign of glare. Just pure sweet music. I use the Berning ZH270 as my amp and no glare issues from it either.I recently pulled all my more expens... 
Meeting up at RMAF this year
That was at Garcia'a Mexican Restaurant. Yes, it is across the street from the Marriot. Ihave not heard if there is going to be a gathering over there this year. I think last year's was headed up by Steve Dobbins (vetterone) 
Cincinnati, OH, any audiophiles?
I won't be able to make it on a weekday. 
Cincinnati, OH, any audiophiles?
Hello Everyone, This is Tom Albrecht. It has been a while since our last Audio Gathering, so I thought I would see if there was any interest in having one at my house. I was thinking about Sunday June 28th. Let me know if you have any interest in... 
Have You Heard the New Stanley Clarke Trio LP?
NO, but I know someone that just bought it on cd, so I will compare them.I don't care that it is digital and not analog. First of all, the music, and the players are all great.The sound is great too. Music on my turntable always sounds better to m... 
What artist was playing on Acoustic Zen at CES
Sorry,I thought you meant the live concert in the Acoustic Zen room. 
What artist was playing on Acoustic Zen at CES
Dean Peer 
Supratek Cabernet Preamp
Kevin Covi's e-mail address is kcovi@attglobal.netMick's e-mail is 
Cincinnati, OH, any audiophiles?
Hi Marc,Thanks for hosting the latest meeting of Audio Gentlemen (and scoundrels) at your home. I always enjoy seeing all the familiar faces and meeting new people. I enjoyed hearing your system Marc. You have a great selection of music too. 
Al Stiefel of RMAF Has Passed Away
I am so sorry to hear this. My wife and I became good friends with Al and Marjorie over the past couple of years while attending the RMAF. My wife helped Marjorie out at last years Audio Fest. Marjorie will be in our prayers. Is there an address t... 
Would Like To Hear From Strain Gauge Owners
Thanks for the advice on hearing the cartridge for myself. I actually have heard it at the RMAF in 2007 and 2008. I admit it was very limited exposure, but I was very impressed with what I heard. I was also very impressed with Peter's "The Voice" ... 
Would Like To Hear From Strain Gauge Owners
I would like to thank all of those who actually read the title of my thread and contributed their opinions on the sound of the SG cartridge, be them favorable or not. I do not however appreciate Raul trying to hijack the thread to fulfill his own ... 
Would Like To Hear From Strain Gauge Owners
Peter,Thanks for chiming in. I have heard the SG and I think it sounds great! I am so sick of hearing about this RIAA standard I could puke. I posted this thread to find out if other people liked what they heard from the SG. Raul, a simple no woul...