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Avantgarde Version 3.0
Germans at the show seemed to indicate the differences wereprimarily "marketing" and the Cardas wire and spikes are added in the US. Other than the line level inputs (that can help in hum problems), the drivers, horn and woofers, are the same as t... 
Is it true Genesis is out of business?
Yes, they are gone. 
Nordost Valhalla Question
Heard it at a friend's system that I am very familiar with.No down side, fuller in the lower mids, took away a bit ofsilveriness and added some color and weight.Allow lots of break in. 
Cardas Hexlink 5C speakercables?
Great cable, competitive with anything, bit warmWorth 500-700. 
Most annoying Stereo magazine claim
Recall when Wes Phillips went nuts over Transparent Wire, and said the terminations were good sounding. What, he unsoldered them and tried them independently?!Try equipment yourself, these guys know nothing. 
Shun Mook Audio
Agreed, the Bella Voce Ref is one of the best audio products made. And I came from Slamms.They are nice guys, and its worth seeking out their products, all designed by ear. 
Koetsu sound
IMO the Koetsu RSP and Onyx are not slow or musically colored-just sweet, fast, and open like the real thing.Albert's right, the Onyx is cleaner and clearer but less rich than the RSP. Both the best I've ever heard. Buy one and forget about upgrad... 
Jadis Fidelity
Good follow ups, and accurate. Jadis stuff offers long term satisfaction, as other gear might offer certain audiophile checklist advantages without ever sounding more "real". Beautiful gear with high pride of ownership. 
Really good home electrical wiring.
I like 10 gauge solid core, use 8 only if it's solid core. It is available, but difficult. A good description is in the new s'pile of a guy with 2x 200 amp service, and wired all audio out of phase with house. Definitely use dedicated ground, bett... 
Cartridge for Well Tempered
Have heard the better Grados are the best for it. Transparent Audio's reference. 
Stupid question about WAMM. Is it really
I have heard them, and they are wonderful. Effortless, sweet, and majestic. Yes Dave, I would like you to build a pair for me-but first wish me luck on tonight's CA super lotto :). Ezmerelda-As far as the X-1 audition, sometime hear them well set ... 
Urgent: Dedicated line?
Hi, Use 10 gauge wire, solid core COPPER, NOT NON-METALLIC!, all run back to the circuit breaker. Keep them in phase, and use an individual breaker, not double, per run. Try to place them at the "beginning" or input area of your box. Your electric... 
What's with Kinergetics Research?
check out the new s'pile website, has contact info for them-they are now closed. 
Is SACD really this lousy?
Albert's right. Buy a table if you want the highest resolution source-and one that is consonant with music. Digital is for weenies. 
NBS Classic -vs- NBS Monitor?
The newer stuff is cleaner and has a blacker background, but slightly less forgiving and a bit less color.