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SME 3009 II Unimporved -- "Thin" Sound
Many tears ago I had a TD125/SME3009S2 (not improved) and a Denon 103D cartridge.  Nothing "dull" or "thin" about that sound.  Try a 103 cartridge. 
Am I the only one who doesn’t love Harbeth P3esr?
I've always found the P3-ESRs a little smooth (hardly bright).  However, everyone's taste is different.  If you've been living with a smooth, maybe recessed-sounding speaker for many years then, yes, I guess the could sound bright.  Give them seve... 
Most impressive small footprint speaker
Well, how long is a piece of string?  Putting a Wilson Audio WAAM in a small study will sound awful.  Putting an LS3/5a in a huge auditorium will be inaudible.  Context, context, context. 
What was your first big eye opener with regard to audio?
1978 Denon 103D moving coil cartridge. Never heard anything like it before and don’t think I’ve heard anything like it since.:( 
Harbeth 30.1 ? The Ultimate Speaker under $5K ?
Listen to them.  Gene will loan you a pair so that you can audition them in your room.  As big as it is and with your stated preferences,  you'll probably need your sub.  Just don't cross it over to high. 
Is there actually a difference?
They have to do it over and over again to prove to the "golden ears" that there truly is no real difference!!! 
Classic water/humidity damage to the enclosures. They'll still bring a good price, just not as much as a mint pair (maybe $1200-$1500). 
Denon 103R or 304?
I didn't get the 103D retipped because back then (20 years ago) retipping services were unreliable. Even today, I'm not sure a cartridge can be rebuilt to sound the same as the original. 
Denon 103R or 304?
I must agree with Ed - the 100 and 300 series have a very different sound. Having lived with a 103D for over 10 years, I was devastated when I couldn't replace it. Unfortunately, the suspension also ages in these cartridges, so a retip/retube freq... 
Rogers LS3/5A Replacement Recommendation
I've had the same dilemma for many years! I tried all sorts of different speakers but always went back to the LS3/5a. I used them with a subwoofer - compensates for most of their deficiencies, especially if you cross them over at 120Hz. 
LS3/5A owners - what sub do you use with them
Just make sure you get a sub (passive or active) that rolls off the bass to the LS3/5a. You need to get rid of that bass hump and you'll be amazed how it cleans up the rest of the audio spectrum and increases power handling. 
Rogers LS3/5a Repair
I know this sounds a bit lame, but have you turned the driver upside down in the cabinet? If it has just loosened up a little around the spider and the voice coil is touching the magnet, this may be all you need to do. 
Lyra Dorian to Argo i, worth the upgrade?
Only if your Dorian is shot and needs to be replaced anyway. 
How to get rid of hum from Linn LK140
30% of the time, a hum from the transformer in the amp is a problem with the amp. The other 70% its a problem with your mains supply to the amp. 
LS3/5a's - what amps are you using?
1982 16 ohm Rogers LS3/5a. Using a Naim 250.2 for 1 year and prior to that, a Hafler DH200 for 23 years. With good quality amplification and a clean front end (LP12/Ekos/Argo or a NAIM CDX2), there's no problem.