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New expensive power cord for amp and no change in sound?
I will be testing this soon on a Pass amp as well. So this thread is definitely interesting. What I can say is , Ive noticed quite a substantial benefit when I upgraded PC's for my streamer dac, Preamp and older Integrated Amp.  
Preamplifier sound Quality impact in home theatre bypass
Never really noticed a difference. Used to use it with moon, now use it with a Sudgen preamp. I would need to test it out, but the Sugden is on standby when HT bypass in in use.   
Verity Audio speaker manufacturer silent...
I wish I had concrete info, and better memory, but just recently, I forgot who I was speaking with, but they also told me as others have stated that they are done. I dismissed it because I thought maybe it was just a rumour , but I guess it seems ... 
Looking for a pre-amp (Pass, ARC, BAT, Sim, PS Audio)
@zprr let me know if you ever got the chance to compare the xp22 to the 740p? thanks  
Neat "Tweaks" to improve the SQ of your streamed music!!!
As far as I've read, the iFi LAN iSilencer only needs to be used on one end correct? No need to have it on both ends of the cable right? thanks  
DAC suggestion for PC
@milpai Correct I am using directly from my PC, sitting in front of the screen. I should have mentioned from the beginning, this is my office desk setup.  Fidelizer could be very interesting. What about using the Roon app on pc, does that help any?  
DAC suggestion for PC
Yeah, the streamer will be last purchase. Order will be 1. Speakers 2. amp 3. Replace DAC with a streamer/dac  For Speakers, Im not sure yet, Im looking at the used market for now. I found some Sonus Faber Toy bookshelves that might be nice. Alwa... 
DAC suggestion for PC
Is this streamer good? Cambridge Audio MXN 10 compared to the iFi Zen Stream? thanks  
DAC suggestion for PC
@soix Interesting! ok, I think step 1 for now, is the amp, as its my weakest link I have to imagine. Then speakers (which I had to do anyway, bringing the current ones to main floor for tv room) , then a streamer. Sad part is though... maybe I sho... 
DAC suggestion for PC
Any Streamer suggestions? for tidal ? I just liked using my pc because its easy for me to open the app and change songs, etc while working.  So I guess getting the CXA61 seems like a good idea DAC wise?  
Sonus Faber Sonetto V’s Thoughts Requested
@bigkidz Which preamp and amp are you using and for which model SF speaker? thanks  
Montreal Audio Show - anyone hear the FR30’s?
weird, I was there, a bit tight on time sadly, but I didn't seem them at the show.   
Arrows on cables.
hmm, I guess I connected my speaker wire properly, they at tellerium Q, so the arrow goes from integrated amp to the speakers. 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
John Frusciante - The Empyrean. 
Simaudio Moon 600i v2 VS Naim Supernait 3 for Dyanudio C20s
probably late, curious to know what you got, but from my experience, I have the 600i v1 and love it. I found it pairs extremely well with Dynaudio.I think finding the right combination/synergy is almost as important as what "sounds good"The only 2...