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Power Conditioners
Sooo all devices go into the conditioner and the conditioner itself goes into the surge protector? I was thinking of doing this: having two plug outlets with each having a conditioner with built in surge protector. One will be the dirty zone, as p... 
Power Conditioners
So if wall warts go into the dirty zone, does it also mean the DAC and the record player? Only amp and CD player have grounded power cables so they go into the clean zone? 
Power Conditioners
@erik_squires still I am wondering why the power conditioners of for example Vincent or Dynavox have different input types (filtered vs unfiltered). Is that because of the 2 zone topology in your example? 
Power Conditioners
@erik_squires great reading man! Thank for sharing that! @mattmiller thats not my experience, I used to have one and I loved the black background and the greater detail and dynamics. 
CD player output via DAC chips vs tube tech
That’s exactly what he said right? Unbalanced has the tubes, balanced has the burr browns plus oppamps. Apparently the unbalanced sounds better because of the tubes. Nice! I also just got my tube CD player and I absolutely love it! 
Are the loudness wars fake so record companies can destroy the music?
Sam, are you starting each and every one of your posts with “Sam here....” to help big pharma? Because I’m getting really sick of it. 
Best "Bang for the Buck" you have owned?
Must be my Topping DX3PRO... man that one lovely tiny DAC ! 
Bluesound installed DAC - music killer?
@three_easy_payments the old Sonos connect for just 250,-? Does everything the bluesound does but is just a little bit less premium finish. 
Klipsch Heresy 4?
Steve replaced the Heresys already with JBLs... Anyhow! :-) Today I was caught offguard. I went to this hifi store to buy a CD player. I auditioned it on Heresy 4 speakers and DA’AM!!!! I immediately asked what my current speakers would do when tr... 
Schiit CD transport on the cards soon?
I hope they use orange numbers in the display. Like the black Exposure 2010. 
Schiit CD transport on the cards soon?
I’d buy it in a heartbeat. 
Q acoustics harsh high end
Don’t believe all that break in nonsense. It’s just a way to have you get accustomed to the sound of the speakers. If you don’t like the sound from day one, you aren’t going to like it a year later after 300,000 hours of break in time. 
What isolation feet under your amp with great result?
Noob question perhaps, but how can isolated feet contribute to better sound quality? 
Searching for a dac that matches the Marantz
I don’t say I don’t like the RME, I said I like the Marantz Dac. Have you even heard it @sfseay? Have you even read about it? I’ve never read one bad word about it, you?  
Searching for a dac that matches the Marantz
Well I find the DAC implementation of the nd8006 very impressive and I haven’t heard otherwise anywhere. But still, it’s filters are more to the mellow side than to the analytical side. The RME is slightly more analytical than neutral, no? So that...