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Just bought a Hegel H390 Integrated
I love the Hegel for it's looks :) More so than a Mac.. So congrats to you sir!  
What power conditioner
I'm also just curious as I'm deciding wether or not I should buy / audition such a thing. I don't really believe it can make such a night and day difference, that's the thing. So what is it exactly that you're supposed to "hear" (or better, don't ... 
What to upgrade next.
If I look at myself, I must really really like what I buy or else it’ll get replaced in the future. So better pay a little more on one component instead of not thinking it through enough and regret after. 
Isoacoustic pucks under equipment or platform
It doesn’t matter much, whatever makes you feel that sounds the best. Maybe do some a/b testing :-D  
Downside to R2R Ladder DACs?
Just to chime in on salesmen BS... I recently had this salesman suggest I’d buy his Audiolabs MDac because the other DAC I wanted to try out somewhere else was sounding worthless. The DAC I was talking about was the RME-ADI 2 DAC... 
Experience with Inakustik 3500P Power Conditioner??
I want to believe this Inakustic makes a difference but if you all keep mentioning it needs to “burn in”... I just won’t buy it! 
Best DAC/Streamer for low quality music formats Mp3,Youtube,etc
If I was you I’d buy a Bluesound Node 2i. That would sound tremendously on your tube integrated. It costs half of your budget, so you can take your wife to a nice dinner and show her that Audio isn’t all that bad :-) If you’re still missing “somet... 
Power Conditioners
That sounds really nice @rixthetrick do you care to share what devices it were? I believe Isotek or Isol-8 does something like that, no? 
Best DAC/Streamer for low quality music formats Mp3,Youtube,etc
Wow, a budget of 1000 - 3000 for streaming low quality music.. I think the higher end systems lay low quality sound bare. Maybe lower your budget a little bit? 
Power Conditioners
@millercarbon what do you mean to say? Do you have a big ‘ol power conditioner or not? 
Power Conditioners
I’ll tell you how noisy my power is.I switch on / off my lights? I hear a blow in my speakers. My fridge regularly unloads a small current on the ground wire. Result? A plop in the speakers. Even when my neighbour switched on or off his light I he... 
Power Conditioners
You keep saying "in phase" do you mean on the same rail at the mainGoogle it my friend... maybe it’s different in America?  
Power Conditioners
Thanks for your post @oldhvymec but I have a hard time understanding what you mean to say :-DWhat I try to accomplish with my system is better SQ, less noise. I’ve had a filter before and it helped a lot. Now I want to buy a new one and I want to ... 
Power Conditioners
One more question about these power filters/conditioners (is there a difference at all??). They have these markings to put everything in phase. That's wonderful, but how can I put a wall wart in phase? Is there any method to know which of the conn... 
Power Conditioners
Maybe I don’t understand how a surge protector works then.. I thought it would only protect the devices that are plugged into the surge protector?