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Is a Chord Qutest Dac my best option
I like it too. It’s good lookin’. It’s good soundin’. And it’s just always on. Exactly what I wanted in a DAC. I can’t think of anything I don’t like about it. 
Can I use 24 gauge speaker cable?
Totally agreed @tbakin63. Of course it looks kind of awesome to have these cables worth 1000’s of dollars but it’s nothing more than jewelry. If Mr Klipsch (and other highly regarded people in the industry too by the way!) says it’s not worth it t... 
Can I use 24 gauge speaker cable?
@gndrbob I know cables can make a difference, that’s why I started this investigation in the first place:-) I was a non believer first until I heard it for myself. What I’m still sceptical about is what causes the difference.I’m pretty sure most o... 
Can I use 24 gauge speaker cable?
Look folks, when I started this post I knew I’d get all these weird reactions, like why would you want to use telephone wire?I just want to know the what and how of these things allright? My gut feeling tells me I’d better use some thicker cable. ... 
Can I use 24 gauge speaker cable?
Thank @erik_squires now that’s a constructive answer.I’m playing around with the calculator but I don’t really understand it. If I fill in 0,577 Ampere as listed in the table, and 0,082 as the resistance (10 x (8,282/1000)) years get something com... 
Can I use 24 gauge speaker cable?
@roberjerman so you would actually use 24 gauge wire?The reason I ask is, 24 gauge is used for telephone connections. It’s a really thin cable that moves nicely out of sight. It’s cheap and available everywhere. It has a solid core that’s supposed... 
Has anybody tried using single solid core cables?
I’ve tried some VERY cheap solid core telephone wire (0,5mm) for high tones, solid core electric cable (not sure, maybe 2mm) for low tones. OMG the sound was freakin awesome! But of course it’s not a pretty sight all those loose cables. Maybe I’ll... 
Thinking about getting a R2R DAC
Breaking in is bullocks man. Just keep your Qutest allright. Check Andrew Robinson on YouTube, he busts the breaking in myth. 
Thinking about getting a R2R DAC
Well @adam8179 enjoy! If you ever want to get rid of your Qutest drop me a DM :-D 
Power Conditioners
I wonder if it’s measurable at all to measure the noise inside the device (amp or whatever). All everyone is talking about is the noice from the main outlet. That’s not even interesting as the amp itself does filtering itself too. 
Power Conditioners
I was wondering if there are power conditioners that can solve the spikes you hear over the speakers when you switch on or off the lights? 
Just bought a Hegel H390 Integrated
I love the Hegel for it's looks :) More so than a Mac.. So congrats to you sir!  
What power conditioner
I'm also just curious as I'm deciding wether or not I should buy / audition such a thing. I don't really believe it can make such a night and day difference, that's the thing. So what is it exactly that you're supposed to "hear" (or better, don't ... 
What to upgrade next.
If I look at myself, I must really really like what I buy or else it’ll get replaced in the future. So better pay a little more on one component instead of not thinking it through enough and regret after. 
Isoacoustic pucks under equipment or platform
It doesn’t matter much, whatever makes you feel that sounds the best. Maybe do some a/b testing :-D