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Ayre QX-5 vs Lumin vs dCS Bartok
Thanks everyone.  Purchased the QX5/20 and have it on order.  No looking back, this should be great sound. 
What is the hardware physically behind Tidal, Spotify, QoBuz?
They will have all moved to the outsourced, hyper-scaling models offered by the one cited above (AWS, Azure, Google, Akamai), and a group of upcomers such as Oracle.  The barriers are low, the capital requirements are huge, and it just makes sense... 
Help! Choosing a Roon core/streamer/server! (Roon vs Innuos vs Wyred4Sound)
Roon nucleus is the way I decided to go.  It's just too slick, easy and intuitive.  With the nucleus I don't have to depend on the iMac, but can pull everything together on the network and streaming.  I like it, completely new experience.