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Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
Revel M20s. 
Virginia Beach
Any update on the two mentioned?John 
Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads Audio Club Anyone?
Dave, I too am near Digital Sound, which has since moved to Cleveland Ave near Witchduck. John 
VA: Anybody in southern VA interested in an audio club?
Give me a week and I'm in. I am moving back from Mass where I spent the last 6 months. My system is basic and simple but would love to listen to others and to have your inputs on setting my room up. John 
Preamp to pair with an Adcom GFA-555 mkII
Acurus RL-11. It made a big difference with my 555-II over the Adcom GTP-450 preamp/tuner. I'm still using the RL-11 with my McCormack DNA-125.John 
Review: Revel Performa M-20 Speaker
It's been 2 years and after several other speakers in house, the Revel's remain. I would like a full range speaker but, nothing has come close to the M20's. If I had $4500 laying around, I'd jump on a pair of F50's.John 
Monitor Audio Speakers
I had the Silver 7i's and they became fatiguing within 2 months. They were fine for when I ran the TV through them. Great for dialog but, for 2 channel music, ugh! COuldn't get rid of them fast enough.John 
VA: Anybody in southern VA interested in an audio club?
What was the outcome of this gathering? I live in Chesapeake, Va.John 
Amp upgrade recommendations
Why not just buy one of his DNA-125's or 225's? According to Steve, they are better than buying one of his older ones as he was limited by price structure. You can buy a used 125 on here for around $1000. 
Which cone's or platforms have helped?
All this talk about resonance transfer. Has anyone taken the time to think about it? If you're transferring the ever so slight resonance out, what about the big vibrations that you're transferring in? Footsteps or subwoofer vibrations are alot mor... 
Review: B & W Loudspeakers Nautilus 805 Monitor
I too listened to these for some time but was not blown away by them. If you like these, give Revel M20's a shot. They do everything the 805's do, only better. The 805's color the mids slightly. 
Review: Marsh Sound Design A-400s Amplifier
This amp is indeed very nice and a great bargain except for one area. It needs a very good line conditioner to work properly. The difference is night and day. Try this unit with a Fisch (German). I have not heard another amp that responded so well... 
Patricia Barber "Verse" released and online
The new release "Verse" is exactly that. It sounds as if she grew tired of singing and decided to just narrarate.