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Which is the most important part of a stereo system?
The weakest part of your system is the most important. 
Looking to get the best out of Redbook Cd listening with Dac a d Transport under 5K?
Another option, if you're game, is to purchase an older multibit CD player and get someone to mod it.  I just had my Braun CD4/2 modded which now sounds completely different with open soundstage, far greater dynamic range and sweet sound signature. 
MC cartridge loading: still baffled
It looks like there are some knowledgeable people on this thread, so I'll take the opportunity to add a few questions.1. Can someone suggest a good test record?2. Is tracking force adjustment for 33 rpm just as suitable for 45 rpm records.3. Is th... 
Breakdown of Turntable Performance
The requirements for the turntable depend on quality of the cartridge it has to serve.  I was very happy with my at-lp1240 til I had my AKG P8ES Supernova upgraded with a boron cantilever.  The upgrade made a huge difference in responsiveness, but... 
Grading of phono cartridges Part 3
Thank you for the useful ranking.  I think AT-30E should read "MC", not "MM".Regards,Ian 
Cable septic
Hearing a difference depends a lot on how bad the cable you were replacing was.  I was a power cable skeptic until a friend gave me a sine wave filter power board thingy and a chunky cable.  I plugged them in just in case the friend came to visit.... 
Best Tonearm Lifter?
Can you still play 45s with these devices set up for LPs?