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Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) Acoustic Treatments - A Question
I rarely post here but seeing that this is right down my alley, I thought I'll chime in.I've been in the Industrial Acoustics field for almost 20 years and in my experience the best product for low frequency attenuation is Rockwool.Fiberwool would... 
audiphile power cords
I had a signal magic PC on my EAR 868. When I replaced it with the Triode Wire Labs 7+ it made a big difference. Leading edges of vocals were softer. Unnecessary sibilance was gone. A much more organic sound all around.So I'd say yes, a PC can mak... 
Supratek Where is it?
Mike is making a Cabernet Dual for me. He said the lead time would be 5-6 months.You can contact him here :supra@supratek.com.au 
Pre-amp recommendation
Thanks for the tips.I have changed my mind about the GAT and instead decided to go for the Supratek Cabernet Dual.The more I research, the more confusing it becomes, so I've taken the plunge with the supratek 
Pre-amp recommendation
Thanks, Cerrot! Obviously hoping the GAT will take my system a few notches higher than it is now.My biggest concern is how the GAT will integrate itself with the existing components.Impedance-wise it seems to be fine, but those are just numbers...... 
Pre-amp recommendation
After almost a month of research, I've decided to go with Conrad Johnson. Initially thought of an ET3 or ET5 used, but then decided to increase the budget and go for the GAT!!!Wish me luck guys. 
Pre-amp recommendation
I'm using 2 PS1200 A/C Regenerators to feed the system so... almost off grid. Battery power is not an absolute necessity here.BTW, the Regenerators made a significant difference in the overall sound clarity.Also the room has been treated acoustica... 
Pre-amp recommendation
Good point there George.Missed out the dual load.Will keep in mind when deciding. Thanks 
Pre-amp recommendation
Thanks guys!I had earlier planned on going without a pre amp but directly from the K01, the sound was bright and lean.The Densen pre improved on that but I feel a better preamp should bring in a lot more.I myself was leaning towards tubes and with... 
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
My Threshold SA/1s