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pro-ject cd box rs2 vs jays audio cd2 mk3
I have had my RS2 transport for almost a week.  I found an open box Pro-Ject linear power supply and together the sound is awesome right out of the box. I will probably go down the AES/EBU cable rabbit hole but don’t believe a cable much over $25... 
A phenomenal new CD transport-Pro-Ject CD Box RS2 transport
Just received my new (open box) Pro-Ject CD Box RS2 T with Pro-Ject Linear Power Supply.  It has been about three years since I have had a full time CD player in my system.  It sounds fantastic connected via AES/ABU to my PS Audio Directstream DAC... 
Pet audiophile peeves - name yours
People that use the term “jaw dropping” when referring to the sound of a new fuse!  
Rose RS250 Streamer/Dac?
@Dandion - you are incorrect. Spotify connect is available on the RS250. I have had the RS250 for a few days connected to my Directstream DAC via USB and using Roon.  Seems to sound better than the Bridge II but will need to do more testing.  
Your Favorite Sounding Power Amp, $5000 US Retail max.
SST Son of Ampzilla II.  Available from underwoodhifi.com.  The best I have had in my system.  Very pleased with this amplifier!  
Has anyone ever been able to get help from NAD
I had a really hard time last spring and it took almost three months to get the M10 I owned fixed.  I sold the M10 at a loss rather than worry if NAD would be there to support it in the future.  
A phenomenal new CD transport-Pro-Ject CD Box RS2 transport
@longinc - I bought the unit you mentioned below earlier today from Tmraudio.com. Didn’t see your link until now. I also bought an open box “Pro-Ject Power Box RS Linear Power Supply Black - For Single Unit” a couple of hours ago from audioadvisor... 
How to pronounce SACD?
Why?  WHY??? Questions like this and the responses often make life unbearable! 
pro-ject cd box rs2 vs jays audio cd2 mk3
Only the PS Audio plays SACDs, is made in America, and is family owned.  Also, their support is fantastic!Easy decision. 
Bricasti M3 vs. Holo Audio May vs. PS Audio DS
I owned the Bricasti M3 with the MDX board and now own (again) the PS Audio Directstream DAC.  The Directstream DAC in my system and to my ears is superior to the M3.   
How many of you are digital only systems?
All digital for me too.  I don’t want pops/clicks, adjustments, cleaning, and the other hassles that come with LPs.  I lived with that for years and will never go back.  Tidal Masters streaming and thousands of CDs ripped to a NAS all tied togethe... 
Sony HAP-Z1ES + MacBookPro
@babyseaotter99 - Logitech discontinued the Harmony Mac App and went to a web version only. Apple didn’t breaks the Harmony app. Also, Apple’s 64-bit kernel was introduced in 10.6, and the 32-bit kernel was removed in 10.8. 
EXTRA! EXTRA!! Millercarbon Proven Wrong!!! Read all about it! EXTRA! EXTRA!!
LOL!  Another priceless shill post from the man, the myth, the legend in his own mind.Give me a break! 
A phenomenal new CD transport-Pro-Ject CD Box RS2 transport
@audiotroy - you shouldn’t post while under the influence.  It makes you appear to be incompetent. 
When did audio goners now have to pay to see the book value of equipment??
Hifishark.org is much better than Audiogon’s blue book and it is free. Audiogon’s blue book is a very poorly executed tool in my opinion.