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Which VTF Scale are you using?
I use a cheap ($15) scale I bought for measuring cure for meats. It's accurate to 0.01g (well, probably 0.02). Conveniently, when I set it on my plinth, the top is the same height as my platter. 
High end stereo preamps? Worth it?
I actually do both - main system is a Benchmark DAC1 and Sonic Frontiers phono stage into a BAT VK51 SE (the 6H30 tube is remarkable!). Second system is a Benchmark DAC1 HDR directly into an Audible Allusions amp. The pre is important in my main s... 
Which DAC as a preamp?
I would suggest considering the Benchmark DAC2 or DAC3. They sound really great, have a ridiculously low noise floor, and they can drive anything. I've had a DAC1 for years, and have never been tempted to upgrade. 
Valve phono stage
What about a BAT VK-P6, standard or SE. It uses tubes, and has balanced outputs. I picked up a VK-51 preamp recently, and am stunned by it.