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Whats playing on your system today?
Frank Marino and/ or Mahogany Rush. You can thank me later. 
How do you listen?
joeyga is my kinda peeps 
How do you listen?
Had a blind cat named "Noodles" and her hearing was so extreme I saw her whack a fly out of the air with one swipe....she also had the admirable ability to sit at peace in one position for hours. Perhaps I need to tap into my inner felinity. 
One man Band
DOVYDAS on YouTube!!!! 
Is today’s contemporary music lacking?
Evidently you have not combined psychedelics with Spotify yet. 
Warming up the tubes using a tuner may not necessarily lead to putting on an album
Tuners are awesome when you have a station like KRVM here in Eugene,OR! 
The truth about why modern music is so awful.
One lifetime is not long enough to hear all the good music available. 
Pet Sounds: Most Overrated Album of All Time?
Charles Manson didn't like it either 
Better CD Sound: The Search
Like your style Elliott....I rescued a Technics SL-1900 bought on the cheap and it is a joy to play.  
Get the best from your system while listening without any cost
Just turn off all your breakers except for audio and then listen...DUH 
Tiny bridges everywhere, but why?
Red bricks and electrical tape 
Better CD Sound: The Search
Just keep an eye out for any cd player with a coax digital output...have four of them all purchased for less than $20 at local Goodwills. My latest is a brand new Sony DVP-NS90V CD/SACD single disc I found in Seattle for $7. Combined with a Toppin... 
How to get into high end digital? (Feeding a DAC)
Use yer Nak till she starts smoking then replace W/ any iof various $10-$15 cd players available at local Goodwill…yer DAC is fine! 
Who is ditching their shiny disc spinners?
Bought an ancient Sony cd player for $20 and a Topping DAC for $150….sound quality is absolutely stellar. Don’t make it complicated kids! 
Gustardx26 pro vs RME ADI2FS
Do not understand why a person would want to modify such amazing devices built, designed, and financed by a team of wizards and think that changing their power supplies will make it “better?” Do they not think such ideas were not already considere...