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Speaker Imaging - Do you hear a line, or do you hear an arc??
Over the years and owning a wide variety of speakers i must be lucky in the sense i have achieved a realistic sound stage with all loudspeaker designs with instruments placed as if the band was in front of me with believable scale, instrument plac... 
Interconnects and Speaker Cable, What in your history hit your pleasure button?
Various Synergistic Research cables for many years. Got fed up with the constant changes in design. Siltech, Transparent, Nordost, Tara Labs, Kimber Kable, i found none of these were keepers all had good points but not for me. Finally went with JP... 
Possible new integrated amp for my new Focal Kanta's
Focal own Naim Electronics, Naim amps are now designed to sound good with Focal speakers. Find a dealer that stocks Naim. 
Speaker toe in
I have also moved on to Soundlab Electrostatic speakers, as my room is quite narrow (12ft) and the Soundlabs can be placed 5ft from rear wall¬† but very close to side walls without any bad effect to the imaging. I use GIK 244 full bass panels behin... 
Confused Musical Presentation
+1 GIK Acoustics, i have just installed 2 x 244 full range Bass panels behind my Soundlab Majestic 545's and the improvements are remarkable. Also i just changed signal cables from JPS Labs Aluminata to Townshend F1 Fractal, again the improvements... 
Naim Audio system owners - What speakers are you using with Naim?
The newer Naim electronics are voiced to be used with Focal speakers, Naim went under and are now owned by the Focal group. Either way i would not recommend them with anything. YMMV. 
Which Class D Amplifier? PS Audio, Ghent, Nord, Merrill or other???
+3 for Nord Acoustics. Colin has a wide range of products at various price points. I now own the NC1200 Signature and can confidently state my system sounds awesome. No need to wait for GaN.I have owned various types of amplifiers 20 x the price o... 
Your favorite Electrostatic, Panel spkr
mijostyn Thank you for the info on panels, i will look into this but the Soundlabs do sound awesome, they are overall the best sounding speakers i have ever owned and are definitely keepers. If the panels improve imaging i will be n audio heaven. 
Ears hurt when listening after changing speakers
Aim the speakers straight with no toe in.¬† 
SACD Player--Do you use it and feel you'd replace it if it broke?
I use an Esoteric K-01 and hope it does not break. I have found with some albums i prefer the CD version to the SACD. For example Willie Nelsons Stardust i have the Mastersound Gold CD, Japan SACD and K2HD CD, I prefer the K2HD CD by a wide margin... 
Very small room systems and synergy
Place your speakers on Townshend Seismic Speaker Bars or Podiums, they will remove all speaker/room interactions, truly "magical" products. Check eBay for great prices. 
Your favorite Electrostatic, Panel spkr
Over 40 years i have owned various speakers from B&W, Wilson, Nola, JBL, Apogee, and now Soundlab Majestic 545. The Apogee's imaged like nothing else i have ever heard, 2nd was the Soundlabs, 3rd was the Nola's and 4th was the JBL. 5TH was the... 
what do horns sound like
I owned the JBL Everest and matched with the right system they were "MAGICAL" in all departments. I was not very impressed with the JBL K2 in the same system before the Everest arrived but the Everest were "SPECIAL". YMMV But i doubt it. 
Cheap Vibration Control Discovery
+1 for Townshend Seismic Pods and Platforms "MAGICAL". 
JPS Labs AC+ Running Springs DmitriJPS Labs Kaptovator Esoteric K-01JPS Labs AC+ Nord Acoustic NC1200 Signature,Nanotec 308 with Furutech NCF Sound Labs Majestic 545'sAcrolink 7N-4030 Anniversary with Furutech NCF REL StudioOn the hunt for a 2M JP...