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Records, Wilma victim
Thank you all. 
New motor for Nottingham Interspace
I have also noticed noise form my interspace motor though faint. And yes everything is aligned. It seems intermittent but my dealer told me if it is a problem the warranty will replace it. Love the table, just need to get rid of the overrated Rega... 
Understanding phono stages/What to look for?
I still have the Black Cube but I have purchased the Lyra Dorian instead of the Dyna. Have not had a chance to use it as I have just moved. I want to spend sometime with my old cartridge in my new listening setup before I put in the new one. 
Audio Physic Yara vs. Revel M20
I actually own the M20's now. I was considering the Yara's because I don't want a top heavy design around children. I also like the foot print. I have listened to larger Audio Physics and love them. The 30 watts is driving the Revels just fine. No... 
Looking to start over. How do you think this sound
I figure I can't go wrong if I go with Rowland. I am in love with my TT. For digital I plan not to spend more than $1000, new or used. 
PS Audio Control Amp vs. Jeff Rowland Concerto
Krell_man That is what I would assume by reputation. But not being in a location to audition, I would not want to assume. The PS Audio seems to have an interesting design. Plus, the PS Audio is in my price range. But, I am not in a hurry. That is ... 
Jeff Rowland Phono stage
Well more to the point why do some recomend against this. And, has Rowland overcome any of the problems associated with phone stages in intergrateds (ie: power supplies) 
Which is more important?
I know most, if not all my problems come from my listening/dining/living room. The sound is a bit bright and thin. The sound stage is not bad considering the area, although a bit narrow. Plenty of detail. I think what I am looking for is a sound t... 
Understanding cartridges ?
Thank you all for the great info. How important is arm/table matching? Suggestions for such, remembering small budget. This was my post. 
song title that is memorable
See Jungle! See Jungle! Go Join Your Gang, Yeah, City All Over! Go Ape Crazy! by Bow Wow Wow. See my user name. 
Design an entire system for $800? ?
I posted this not to pass the buck but to make sure I was giving good advice in this price range. I try with any person who will lend an ear, to get them interested in high end. I do this for several reasons. To help my local dealer, insure there ... 
McCormack DNA-1 Best Power Amplifier under 1000
And where did you find one for under 1000? I would love to have two to biamp. Louis 
McCormack DNA-1 Best Power Amplifier under 1000
I listened to a lot of amps and always came back to McCormack. When I have some extra money I am considering Steve's upgrades. Have you or anyone else heard them? Some of the other amps I auditioned Classe',Conrad Johnson (ss) Bryston, B&K, NA... 
Best Retailer Youve Done Business With?
In Connecticut I went to most every high end shop in that state. Roberts (New London) and Take Five (New Haven) were very helpful and let me spend (waste there) alot of time there. Knowing full well my meager income. And I did learn alot from both... 
My Spica TC-50 were sold to a good friend, I gave him a Yamaha receiver and an NAD cd player. I suggested he buy a subwoofer to put with it, he bought a REL and immediatly I prefered the sound to my, then, new Thiel 2.2 Haven't seen him in years.