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Power Purpose
   Maybe the placebo effect?) 
I bought an off spindle hole record from Wal-Mart.
  Quite a serious story for all of us to take in. 
Speakers/receiver for classical music and opera on a budget
Well, thank you. I didn't know until now that I am a music god.)I doubt if I have a miracle for you. I also like classical music and opera. I have listening to planar speakers (Apogee Duetta II's) for over 30 years. I happen to like the sound of p... 
Carver sunfire signature / Sanders Magtech
  I have owned Sanders Magtech monoblocks for four years, no problems with reliability. I like them so much I recently bought the Sanders preamp to go with them. I high recommend both the amps and the preamp...I replaced McIntosh separates as I pr... 
Good FM tuner for around $1K
  Get a MR-74 or MR-77. They all were Modaferri designed in whole or in part, and will give the MR-78 a real run in quality for less money. I have all three models and they sound substantially similar.  
having 2 Mcintosh MC2200 Amps and 1 Mac C-27
I have the MC2255 McIntosh amplifier. The MC2200 is the same amp, without  the power. The first thing  I would do is read the the owner's manual. But you can use these amps in mono. There is a switch on the back to go from stereo to mono. Connect ... 
McIntosh MC-2125
I have a MC2255, bought new in 1981. You are right boxand 1, itis very warm and tube-like. I have it with different pre-amps through the years, such as the McIntosh C-32 and McIntosh C-2300. It sounds great with both transistor and tube pre-amps. ... 
McIntosh XR100
  You need to hear them before deciding. If the reviews are accurate, Mcintosh speakers have improved greatly over the years.  
Stereophile Magazine question.
Stereophile was better with J. Gordon-Holt as the editor. He never hesitated to criticize a component he felt deserved criticism, regardless of that company's reputation 
RCA to XLR? Do I need to do this?
Stereophile Magazine question.
  $10.00 for a year of Stereophile is worth it. I have read this magazine since the 1980's.  
Your Forever Pieces? What and Why?
uberwaltz, don't be embarrassed. New isn't always better.  
Your Forever Pieces? What and Why?
Apogee Duetta II loudspeakers, bought new for $2,700 in 1987, and restored in 2008 by Rich Murry of True Sound Works, of Minden, Nevada. What can I say? I love the Apogee sound 
If you could just pick one instrument that you think sounds best on your speakers
Apogee Duetta II's sound great on everything except rock, but really excel on piano and solo voices 
What I miss about vintage gear
  Get yourself some vintage McIntoshes. Something wonderful about those blue lights in a dark room.