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This new McIntosh integrated looks like a winner
  It looks nice, aberyclark. Have you heard it? 
martin logan speakers
  I use Martin Logan Summit X speakers with McIntosh amplifiers and preamplifiers. I think they are a great match, highly recommended. Let you own ears decide! 
Are Martin Logan’s what they used to be?
  I have a pair of Martin Logan Summit X's, driving them with a solid state McIntosh MC-2255 amplifier with great results. As a by the way, I have a pair of Apogee Duetta II's (bought new in 1987, rebuilt by Rich Murry of Minden, Nevada, in 2008),... 
Antennas for FM Tuners in Urban Setting
   I have four McIntosh tuners..they all perform great with a ST-1 
Heard Maggie 3.7i with..
 So in other words your experience with McIntosh is limited to the 70's and that is it, at least as I understand it. All the many Mac units I have bought since 1980 have performed beautifully, and no DOAs at all. I think in all these years that I ... 
Heard Maggie 3.7i with..
  Elizabeth, on what specific basis are you criticizing McIntosh? Is it because it has new owners? Is that the objective criteria for saying it not the company it once was? I've had Mc products for 39 years, including during several owner changes.... 
correct order of connecting a preamplifier, amplifier, and speakers
Thanks to all. i followed romance1's advice. All is well.) 
  I have all the Carpenters albums/CD;s and have been in love with her voice since I heard her on the radio singing, "Close to You." in 1970. BTW, did you all realize that this song was recorded by both Dionne Warwick and the actor Richard Chamber... 
Classe CA-2300 voltage change
Seems like such a simple solution, yogiboy. I use voltage converters when I travel in Europe.  
Please be gentle....
Are we allowed to attach photos on this forum? If so, maybe you could attach some pictures of it 
I replaced the McIntosh tubes that came with my McIntosh MC2300 and replaced them with NOS Telefunken tubes from the 1960's. Big improvement.  
How important is it for you to attain a holographic image?
  I stay away from words like "always" and "never" but I do listen carefully for three dimensional imaging in recordings and on equipment. I think a 3 dimensional image does sound more life-like.  
  I am not going to ridicule you. They were a great group around 1967. I remember them well. Have you looked for them on Maybe some old video of them there.  
High end Dual
  I bought a new Dual 622 for $300 new in 1981. At that time there was one Dual model more expensive, the 645 or something like that,  but the salesman talked me out of it, said that it wasn't worth it. Sorry but I don't recall the Dual model you ... 
How often do you turn it on?
  There is no reason to question your sanity. Everyone has his/her own listening habits. I might go a week without listening to my system and then have an unplanned six hour listening session. Sometimes I read, but mostly I listen. If I can't slee...