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How much power do I really need for Totem Tribe Tower? LFD NCSE II, Sugden ANV-50 or?
I'm planning to visit Hudson Valley Hifi in NY. They carry Totem and a number of brands I'm interested in including Rogue, Simaudio and Luxman.  Will report back...  
How much power do I really need for Totem Tribe Tower? LFD NCSE II, Sugden ANV-50 or?
Thanks for the detailed response and insight.  I have read those earlier posts about good matches for Totems but was looking to expand the field of possibilities. I'm aware of Simaudio, Ayre and Plinius's known synergy with Totems and that lots o... 
Apogee Acoustics Scintilla - fair market value?
Assuming they do have bass buzz, any idea what FMV is?Thanks 
PS Audio PWD. who's in line to cross the bridge??
Any word on when units will be shipping? 
CDP choices-Looking for advice
The Sony XA-5400ES is pretty tough to beat in the sub $2k price range. I love mine. As with anything, whether you can hear a difference (and whether it's "worth it") with a pricier player depends on how good the rest of your system is, associated ... 
PS Audio PWD + Bridge - ripping?
Check out the Forum section at I did and you can see still have lots of questions. The "Library," or PSL, is their NAS.The Lens is incorporated into the Bridge.Paul, the "P" of PS, recommends for Window people FLAC over the... 
PS Audio PWD + Bridge - ripping?
Will it be possible to rip with PSA's upcoming NAS, which in the pix appears to have a CD slot? This would make some sense. I know PS claims the unit will be their unique design, but it looks an awful lot like a RipNAS in dark clothing. 
Cambridge Audio Azur 840C vs EMM CDSA SE
If you can afford $7k for a cdp why not buy both (or maybe a few) and satisfy yourself that you can head a difference and that the more expensive one is worth it to you. 
Sell Theta DSPro Gen Va???
The upgrade idea sounds interesting, but I have nothing to upgrade. Currently don't have a transport. AFAIK Theta doesn't upgrade a unit unless you're the original owner (I'm not), and I don't think it's possible to upgrade from a Gen Va to a Gen ... 
Theta/Spectra/Avalon - system revamp advice needed
Hi Tom,Something to think about for the future, but there's no way I can swing a speaker upgrade now. I'm thinking basics. A transport first, maybe some cables, definitely some room treatments...Thanks,Gary 
Theta/Spectra/Avalon - system revamp advice needed
Drjoe & Joeabrams, do you guy have any thoughts on losing the DMC-30 and moving to a DSPre Gen VIII from a DSPro Gen Va. If I go with the DSPre I'll have one set of Oracles to buy rather than two.Gary 
Theta/Spectra/Avalon - system revamp advice needed
Drjoe, yes, I do like Spectral sound. I owned a DMA-80 or 90 (used w/Vandy 3As) prior to the 180 and loved it. Don't think a DMA 250 is in my budget for now. Something to consider in the future. What did you pay for your DMA-250? Joeabrams, cable ...