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CD...then the SACD...all over again
Wow I wish I had your problem. Would you like to make a switch? Mine is an affair of the heart, so lets trade. 
Why does my new tube amp and preamp sound so bad?
Any time a new piece of gear or a change in gear speaker's might have to be reposition into or back towards wall. Also might help spreading them apart or closer together.This is why I made the suggestion. Anyway like chicken soup it couldn't hurt. 
Why does my new tube amp and preamp sound so bad?
Klipsch La Scalas: I have a feeling they need to be placed closer to wall. If this does not help try moving them around might be the room and not the speakers or gear. 
"Giant Killer" The things legends are made of.
Classe DR-9 amp, Audio research sp6B, sp8mkII, Sound dynamics 300ti, Conrad Johnson pv5 and MV50, Well tempered turntable, JVC 1010,1050 cd players, Goldmund studio turntable, Quicksilver mono amps, I also think the Rel Strata III sub will become ... 
Does anyone get turntable set-up?
Go to the needle doctor and I think you will find alot of help. I also think the Absolute sound has some help with this. But their web site is so hardup for money that they charge you 3.00 bucks just to look up a 20 yr old review. 
Classe DR-9 vs Sunfire Signature
Gentleman hate to burst your bubble. But yes they do {Sunfire}made an amp called the reference model. I still have it in the closet. It was a limited production model from Sunfire. I do not have an agenda at all, when it comes to any audio product... 
Hybrid SACDs on regular CPD?
Yes a regular CD player can play a "Hybrid" sacd disc. 
Classe Audio DR6
Fabulous sounding gear. I had a DR-6 and now own a DR-5 preamp along with DR-9 amp. Never a problem they keep on running and sound excellent ss or no ss I highly recommend them and along with any other DR era equiptment of their time.... 
What is " lowball"
I myself saw an ad for a pair of Straight wire interconnects for 75.00 OBO. I contacted the seller and made an offer of 65.00. He did get back to me with a very somewhat nasty email claimimng he was selling for 75.00. I wrote back that if he was i... 
Questions about Goldmund Studio and T3 arm
Yes had one many years ago great turntable but arm is very very troublesome? WhyI am sure your asking. No matter what I did to correct this problem arm would many times in middle of play lift off of a recording during play. If you buy just the tur... 
Sony SCD1 Problem
No Stabilizer". The unit will not play. I believe this means a hockey type puck devise that is placed on top of cd. 
Tandberg sounds bright.
It's a transitor amp is not a proper reply. Just like saying every tube amp sound's wonderful. This of course is not true there are bad tube designs and good transitor designs as well. I have a Classe DR-9 transitor amp that in many way's is just ... 
Classe DR-9 vs Sunfire Signature
Hello I have to state this right now too get this off my chest. First I have a DR-9 amp two great amps sound wise, built, along with excellent reliability? Now the question is DR-9 vs Sunfire well here is my warning I purchased a sunfire reference... 
Best used dac under $2000
I would also recommend PS Audios {ultra} dac and also there generation II superlink dac. they can be had for around 200.00 or even cheaper and will give you excellent cd performance on the cheap.