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About the new LSC reissues by Analogue Productions
Well at 30.00 bucks a pop with the possibility some yrs from now the prices doubling on EBay...You might want to load up on them in the hopes of making a fair profit on your investment. The Classic and Chesky reissues of these old war horses shoul... 
Power cords
Which ever one is the blackest of cords in color? Should give u the blackest of backgrounds. 
Unless you are living near railroad tracks? Isolation in audio is way overused. 
Unless you live near a railroad track? Isolation in audio is way overdone. 
Anti-Cable Power Cables
what well thought out product are we talking about? The speaker cables are nothing more than magnet wire. 
Anti-Cable Power Cables
Why not. It's a great business with a huge profit margin... 
Where do I start with... "artist"?
Basil Fomeen,johnny lester and his toy piano,Ted Fio Rito... 
Reterminate Syn. Research cable, shocking find
The same goes for power cords? 
best snack for listening?
tofu and broccoli with a nice bean salad that will get you the sweet spot much quicker....clear the room... 
Best Power Cable for less than $100
the one that came with the unit .. 
Wood glue method of record cleaning
try bulldog Works very well. 
Different amps for summer and winter?
what about the spring and fall...collection... 
Blown Speaker??
yep it has to be those darn pangea powercords. 
Can u make interconnect from speaker cables
AudiolabyrinthNo it's not my problem it's everyones problem. When silly information is panned out as an actual science. 
Can u make interconnect from speaker cables
AudiolabyrinthA cockamamy answers like yours. Makes junk science look good.