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$7K to spend on new turntable + arm
Well Tempered Simplex Turntable..I had a chance listening to this design. I will say there is no reason to spend more for a table that will do less. Money saved buys more classic vinyl its a no brainer. 
New Quickview Feature: Huh?
well I like it .. 
A Possible Reason for SACD to be Superior
Jmcgrogan2A power cord change? You must be kidding. 
Black Discus - Free Sample Alert
And his jaw dropped ....from a left hook I hope? 
Vintage gear..what cables to use
Why not use what was once considered all u needed for excellent sound? Just plain old copper wiring. 
Burn-in and Equipmemt Value
Audiophiles Have more myths then Greek Mythology has hero's & Gods. 
Burn-in and Equipmemt Value
Audiophiles have more myths pertaining to audio. Then Greek mythology has legends and hero's. 
Pulling the trigger on pricey equipment
I used PayPal to purchase a 780.00 preamp. The seller tried his best to scam me buy not answering my Emails and not answering his phone. I sent cash through the PayPal system to a recognized name and address. I contacted PayPal and they froze his ... 
Pulling the trigger on pricey equipment
Yes PayPal is your best option ..anything else would be complete folly. Just make sure you send money to a recognized PayPal name and address. 
Your Favorite AC Outlets
Roxy54Just close your eyes and click your heels and say there is a difference there is a difference. 
Your Favorite AC Outlets
Believing one can hear difference's in AC Outlets. Is to think that a medium with long nails on Long Island,can talk to the dead. 
Miles Davis The Original Mono CD's
yes and yes 
25 year warranty – thoughts invited
Jmcgrogan2....better parts does not always ad up to better sound. Have you opened up a Bryston amp lately and looked inside? I would guess that the parts quality is just as good if not better than most gear costing considerably more. 
Is the BMC PureDAC a great dac?
now don't forget it has to burned in for exactly 800hrs. So do set your clock. Because anything less, and u might go back to a walkmen. 
R.I.P. Lou Reed