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Any Experience with Audio Valve?
Trelja,Happy to expand offline on this, but let's just say that I'm not surprised by your comment, and that he's not "my boy", just someone who might have opinion on the question asked by Coco. Cheers, Spencer 
Amplifier for Von Schweikert 4.5?
Very synergistic combo. I used to own both. This combo was on display at one of their top dealers for a long time. These have been displayed at previous shows as well, although now BAT is showing w/others. 
Sold my TT, getting another
Vinyl, She don't lie.. ;-) 
need some suggestions for Acoustics Blues
Early Tuna features harmonica, fiddle, and great bluesy guitar work. Live at Sweetwater I & II are very good sounding for digital. Spencer 
XRCD If you could order 3, Which ones?
Bill Evans - Everybody Digs Bill Evans is a great one. 
Any Experience with Audio Valve?
David at David Lewis Audio in Philadelphia raved about them when I was browsing in his shop a few months ago. Sure he'd be worth talking to about them. He often runs big ads in Stereophile. Spencer 
Best Pre/Pro for 2 channel
I used to own a Classe ssp25. They go used in your price range. It was great for music, and worked well for HT. I recently downsized to a NAD receiver, which is adequate for film, mediocre(relatively speaking) for 2 channel music. If I didn't have... 
Source for JVC XRCD
Lots:Red TrumpetElusive DiscAcoustic SoundsMusic directBetween these 4, they'll have it all! Spencer 
Build a system around speakers in the $5-$7.5K
Just read these two threads: Merlin VSM-M or VSM-MX vs. Kharma CRM3.2 series on speakers forumTenor Hybrid v. VTL MB-450 Sig. thread on amp/pre forumMerlins will end up on your short list. If you speak with Bobby@Merlin, they'll stay on your short... 
Best $1k pair of floor standing speakers?
To paraphrase an anonymous Soliloquoy dealer, "They really don't sound good at all with solid state amps. With tubes, excellent value". At the time, I was considering them for my HT system. This dealer had no interest in discouraging me from them.... 
Avalon Eidolon Diamond Are they really great?
They can sound great, but:- need a big room- very finicky regarding placement; must be far from all walls- ruthlessly revealing of lesser upstream components- really needs high $ MIT wireI also recommend Spectral with them. 
Norah Jones on Bluenote??
Peter, Read about it on one of the bigger audiophile vinyl websites(I'm not promoting any one in particular), think they are doing pre-orders now. Spencer 
Best big flat screen under 4k
Excellent website for this type of question...Spencer 
Speakers Corner QC?
Anybody heard their Mingus!Mingus!Mingus! LP? Thanks, Spencer 
Tube Intergrated,Which One?Must be very Liquid
87db sensitivity, Bobby recommends tubes, but 30w minimum. Cheers, Spencer