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Where are your maggies??
the room is massive, period!slide the speakers all the way to the back wall and move one out until the bass is satisfying, do the same with the second. use some type of repetitive bass music like a nice stand up bass for this exercise. good luck. 
Turntable stands
Please tell me why a heavy, solid stand is not recommended for a suspended TT?Without understanding the reason, it sounds to me like someone said so and now others agree with it. My ideal for a TT stand is rock solid not allowing anything to get t... 
Is vinyl dead ?
wooohooo, go sean go 
what are some decent starter am/fm tuners ?
there is an incredible buy on a Nikko Gamma 1 FM tuner here on the AudiogoN...$50, A steal! 
Best band of the 80's
Talking Heads,77Psycho KillerMore Songs about...1978Take me to the RiverFear of Music...1979Life During WartimeRemain in Light...1980Once in a Life TimeStop Making of the best live albums everNaked...1988Speaking in Tongues...19... 
Pass Aleph P vs L preamp ?
p has more features1 balanced connectors2 improved volume control3 more detail4 possibly quieter, i think sothose are the reasons i chose a p for my system 
Jazz Recommendations
Jazz has a home in Canada at CKUA in Alberta and on the Web at Mountain Standard Time MST Saturday afternoons, most days 3-6, and various shows like Voices in Jazz.CKUA plays all music styles all day, not focusing on types of music but w... 
Is vinyl dead ?
No, I can buy far more LP's today than last year and the trend was up from the year before...Vinyl is alive, just not mainstream. 
"Walking in the Moon" who is the artist????
the Police, regatta de 
Solid state amp ultimate stop...
so far Pass Alephs do it for me...would like more horsepower occasionally otherwise not looking. ML 33(H)'s are possibly quieter, but musically the Aleph's are the finest. 
Room Demensions, am I in trouble?
buy the rives info before you do may not need them and all you will have accomplished is use up more space in your full to the brim area. 
Pre-Amp Recommendation
SF Line 3 is also a very fine choice, although higher than budget indicated. I had one for 2 years and was very satisfied with it's performance and features that are simply incredible. 
Pre-Amp Recommendation
used aleph P has the features you want and is very quiet unless you go to tubes for their characteristics this is a solid value and very well built piece. The non remote version is quieter than the later remote version.i would guess this is one pr... 
No Dustcover for Turntable, What do You do?
no heavy dust cover, simply use a piece of silk to cover the TT. make certain it doesn't rest on the wires looping over to arm otherwise it will eventually bend the wires 
Aleph Owners - Temp issues ?? 90F
in my basement, no problems. no idea about hot weather climates, but likely you don't wnat to introduce heat in a hot climate that uses AC.alephs are incredible sounding and will make a tough decision regarding temperature