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Sonic Frontiers Phono One: Gain too high?
aroc, 50 db maybe too much gain for your 2.5mv cartridge! 
Sonic Frontiers Phono One: Gain too high?
now that you state 1.5mv i would have to agree that there is too much gain, howevere if you went to the resistor that gives the lowest gain 54db that would likely be about right 
How do you know it's time for external phono stage
your new cartridge delivered more information because of its higher quality, the same will occur in most cases by upgrading almost anyother piece of equipment... you get what you pay for, GENERALLY. I think upwards of $800 will get you the beginni... 
Power Amp suggestions in $2000 range ?
Pass Aleph Series Amps, hands down the best affordable giant killer amps available.Let us know what you buy! 
Sonic Frontiers Phono One: Gain too high?
gain was as stated not readily adjustable unless a tech removed and added the necessary ??????.gain of 62 58 or 54db were the three hardwired choices offered by SF 
Tube Preamps with Bass?
Hovland will likely not give you bass as someone suggested.Used, find a SF Line 3, it will not only give bass but authority through out the music spectrum. I currently use a Pass Labs Aleph P which gives a tremendous presentation.p.s. i previously... 
New to Vinyl, TT suggestions please
rega arm and cartridge, the more you get for $500 the better. the 300 is a better arm than the 250, so get the 300! 
What is your price range for used vinyl?
Elizabeth, the PJ Harvey, Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea is a gem of an LP. Mine came new with a couple of very minor flaws, otherwise it is a seriously great piece of music. I think $30 
Cleaning much fluid is enough/too much?
get a slight wave of cleaning fluid built up in front of the brush to help float the stuff you are trying to get rid of, maybe a little side to side bristle movement for a revolution and then 2 revolutions of vacuum. 
What is your price range for used vinyl?
YOU GENERALLY GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!If I want the LP the asking generally gets paid for, especially for out of print or near mint condition vinyl. 
What type of turntable should I use?
I think the scout is simply a price point to sell VPI! The Aries while a good table, without the VPI arm is simply another Rega III on steroids. The Aries system is a well balanced package that delivers most of the TNT sound missing the last shade... 
What type of turntable should I use?
a suspended table if set up correctly will always yield better performance because it is absorbing incoming as well as outgoing vibrations, however small they may beenjoy your table unless you are prepared to go way up stream 
Steely Dan's Aja
Flemke, what post of mine were you responding to?!? Did CD get mentioned? 
Steely Dan's Aja
i've got a 45 rpm original pressing of Deacon Blues SPDJ-33 that sounds absolutely incredible. my ABC copies of Steely Dan albums also sound better than reissues including MOFI'sa copy is never as good as an original, so the further out on the cha... 
what is dynamic headroom?
Aleph 5 50 nominal is the damping factorAleph 3 100 nominal is the damping factorSF Power 2 100 damping factorML 33 greater than 800 @ 20 hz, this is a very good figure to look at as this is typically where you want the greatest control of the dri...