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Personal Preamp Evolution.
1. Musical Fidelity X-Pre/X-PSU/X-LPS2. Aragon 24K with IPS3. (Present) Audio Research LS-2 (tube: Philips E288CC) with Sphinx Phono preAnd I have a PS Audio 5.6 pre for use in my second system. 
Chime in.What's the Best Cassette Recorder ever ?
I nominate the Nakamichi ZX-9. Compared it head-to-head with a Dragon in the shop, using a Grado RS-1 headphone. Small difference, but to my ears the ZX-9 was a wee bit better. 
Aragon 8008BB vs Threshold T200. What to choose??
If you like the Aragon more, keep it. Both are great amps and will do justice to a very good system. Personal preference should be decisive here. 
do record mats work
I used on to damp the 'ringing' of the platter of a Pioneer TT. That wordked fine. Never used them to diminish hum though.Keep in mind that you'll have to adjust the VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle) of your cartridge if the replacement mat is thicker... 
classe power amp or pass labs x250, x350??
I'm a fan of Nelson Pass's designs, so I'd go for the Pass Labs. That being said, both are very good amps that will drive the 804's well and'll give you plenty of musical emjoyment. 
Creek Destiny Integrated vs. Current Aragon System
I've used a Aragon 24K (P&G volume, improved PSU) for a couple of years and was pretty happy with it. Then I bought an Audio Research LS-2 preamp and realised that the Aragon wasn't as good as I thought and had been holding back the potential ... 
Sony X55-ES CD player... thoughts?
There is indeed not much to find on this player. As a former owner of a X559ES I can vouch for the quality of these older cd players. Also no problem with cd-r's.The only problem is that it is hard to find replacement parts, so if it fails, it's p... 
The best $10,000 Turntable+Cartridge
Why not go for a secondhand TT and arm and a new cartridge? That way you get more buck for the dollar. The reason I'd go for a new cartridge is that you can be assured the needle is ok.Generally speaking, a TT is a relatively simple piece of engin... 
Your Favorite Top 10 tuners all time
I'd vote for the Revox 260S. Looks could be better, but it has an array of usefull features that actually improve reception. As for sound, I'd say a Yamaha CT-7000 is best. I recently doubted about buying one, but at half the price I bought the Re... 
How Many Turntables Have You Owned
Eleven. Started with a Philips fully automatic with flip-stylus (one side for 78 rpm, other side for 45/33 rpm), ended with a Goldmund Studietto/T5 arm/Kiseki Agaat cartridge. It has been a rough trip... 
How Many Turntables Have You Owned
Phew.... Not chronological: first some Philips record changer, then a Garrard (don't know which), Lenco L75, Akai AP-D2 (I think), Thorens TD166 II, Thorens TD125/SME 3009, Thorens TD 104, Micro Seiki BL10, Thorens TD160 Super/SME IIIS, Sony P-X55... 
In Whose Ears Do You Trust Most?
I only trust my own ears. After all, I'm the one that has to listen to the sound my equipment makes, however flawed or corrupted that sound may be. What good is it to have a system that creates a 'picture perfect' sound if you don't like that sound? 
Audio Research amp's retubing experiences
Although the AR dealer here in Holland adviced to stick with the original Sovtek 6922 for my LS-2 pre I decided to play around with it, helped by a friend who graciously lend me two Philips tubes, a Gold Aero and a Sylvania. All sound different, s... 
What equipment do you most regret parting with??
My B&W CDM1 speakers. Sexy looking and good sounding, I'd love to have them in my second system today. 
Who LOVES their under $ 1000 table combination ?
I love my Pioneer PL-518X/Goldring 1012GX combination. Bought the Pioneer for 70$, the Goldring for 100$, added a thick rubber mat (free), a Clearaudio Twister Clamp (70$) and changed the interlink for a homebrew one. So that cost me about 250$ An...