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Cardas vs Shunyata power cords question
I have been speaking with Don about the Ref-1 and Extreme Reference for my Hydra. I do not doubt the Shunyatas are good but THAT good. I have always heard the Cardas PC's were too dark and there are much better. Another PC that is a great value is... 
Levinson turn-on thump... normal??
I have to ask. Are you turning on your CD player and preamp 1st? 
Noise from Left Channel
Thanks to all for your suggestions :) I will do the tube switching soon. 
Noise from Left Channel
It has not got any worse in the past 2 days. Hmmmmmm. 
Your best picks for 2006 Best Speakers under 4K.
I like my Tyler Acoustic Linbrook System 2's. Mine has the 10" SEAS woofer. I have heard quite a few speakers and I do agree they do bring out the detail in the music. 
Which cable is most important to spend money on...
1. Source to pre2. Power Cables3. Amp to pre4. Speaker 
How close preamp and CD player
That is the way mine is setup. 
How close preamp and CD player
If it were me I would have them next to each other or above below each other in the rack. Hell the closer they are then the shorter the IC run which means saving money :) 
Power Conditioner for your amplifier?
How much does a dedicated line usually run? 
Levinson repair costs?
Why don't you call Jamie Cohen in Tech Support. Good place to start. Look the number up on the web.Jamie CohenSenior Technical Services RepresentativeHarman Specialty Group Customer Service 
Tubes with Tylers
I ran a Jolida JD1000 tubed Integrated on my Tylers with success. I have essentially the Ref 3's you have but my bass woofer is the SEAS 10". I have since gone back to solid state amp with a tubed preamp. Personally I like the solid state slam and... 
Pass labs X250.5 vs Jeff Rowland Model 10, or 201
I will guarantee the Pass is not warmer than the Rowland. The Pass is much more transparent and detailed than the Rowland. It is a great amp but warmth is not one of its attributes. 
Your system TOO resolving? MacC200 vs ML32S
Vicdamone has an excellent point. Paradigms are too detailed up top. 
Levinson repair costs?
I have not had any problems with them. They did quote me $900 max to fix my No.29 amp. I ended up buying the caps from them and they were very helpful over the phone. I had a tech in St. Louis do the job because of a recomendation from a friend. I... 
Rowland "house sound"?
I forgot to mention that I heard a Model 112 I believe it is 2 yrs ago. Nice amp but sounded a bit dry to me. A friend of mine was using one and ended up getting rid of it and went back to his 300B. He made the comment of un-involving or no soul. ...