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Albums that you listen to straight through / start to finish whenever you put them on!
All of them.(Stupid thread) 
Underrated album: Sonics AND Music
YES!   I hear The Who in one track...................On an aside, just played the McVicar soundtrack. Not half bad - and wonderfully-recorded. Sounds much like The Who on half the tracks and there is a reason: this is basically a Daltry lp (and I ... 
Charity store bin diving? Am I the only one that suffers this addiction?
"The stores where your chances of finding something nice will always be in the areas where the incomes are the highest. "I disagree. The wealthy are too busy with their snouts in the stock-market to listen to music. Their knowledge is:Fleetwood Ma... 
Charity store bin diving? Am I the only one that suffers this addiction?
You have more chance of getting a common rock lp from a religious person's "collection" than you have of finding one a Goodwill.(In my experience Value Village is even worse.)Everyone knows the guy in charge of the book/records section scoops up A... 
Mahogany Rush
Here is  a deep nugget for you:BILLY WORKMAN - SAME  lp (1978,Canada) has BOTH guitar legends, Marino and Walter Rossi (Charlee) guesting.(But, as far as I recall, no real guitar solos present!) 
Cassettes still rock!
I'm a proud owner of an Advent 201.Not a rare deck. Ugly too....but built like a Sherman!First deck to take advantage of CR02 tape and I think the first to go Dolby B.And fastest deck ever - with the Woll...wotsit transport.Here is a most interest... 
Underrated album: Sonics AND Music
I don't care about sonics.....................Not sure if you can call a well-known band like Golden Earring under-rated.Its just that I only recently  heard "To The Hilt" album. (For decades I was under the impression that all their lps after "Mo... 
Cover Songs that are better than the Original
"Mannford Man"Haha!  That is a good one............Hate to override Jimi but Savage Grace did the best version of "All Along The Watchtower". (And there were MANY.)