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Daedalus Ulysses
I just spent 30 minutes typing a post which disappeared when I tried to post it.  Grrrr!!  I will try again later. 
Daedalus Ulysses
I have heard the Ulysses a couple times in different settings and other Daedalus models many times at shows, most recently at the CAF yesterday.  I would say the Daedalus sound is an acquired taste.  Some people love them; others don’t.  I am in t... 
DIY Phono Loading Plugs Question
The phono input loading resistors are very critical sonically.  The very best sounding in my experience are Audio Note 2w Silver Tantalums.  Second best are nude Vishay bulk foils.  Each is pretty expensive but well worth it in my opinion. 
Amazing Service from Galibier Turntables
Thom is indeed one of the good guys in this business.  He is genuinely concerned about giving his customers the best advice even when this means a product he doesn’t sell.  I bought my Galibier Gavia back in 2004 and it quickly became a permanent ... 
SUT's -Looking for one with some meat on the bones
Sell the D7’s and buy a pair of Spendor Classic speakers.  I used SP100’s for over 15 years and they are very satisfying.  SP 1/2e or 2/3e have some similar qualities.  Avoid the R series because they mark the move away from the Classic sound and ... 
what's a good fm tuner?
Another vote for the Sansui TU-717.  Excellent RF performance and very good audio sound quality.  Much better sound than my old Magnum Dynalab FT-101. 
How many amps do you own?
I have 3 pairs of monoblock amps: Emotive Audio Vita amps (push pull KT-120), DIY 46 single ended, and DIY push pull 6L6.  They all sound good although quite different from each other.  I tend to swap one set out for another every few weeks. 
Best step-up between a Kondo M7 and a Lyra Skala
You should look into an Intact Audio SUT which is also marketed under the EMIA name.  Each one is custom wound by Dave Slagle to the specs of a given cartridge and is available with either copper or silver windings.  I use a copper 1:10 with my Be... 
(Brutally) Honest Audio Reviews
Interesting review site but there is no tube gear!  I can’t imagine a world without tubes so for me the site is just a curiosity, not something to be taken seriously.   
Horn Speaker Recommendations
Well said Mr Decibel!  You put some of my thoughts into words better than I could have done.You just can’t characterize horn systems as all sounding this way or that, positive or negative.  They are all different.  Just like you can’t say all seal... 
Horn Speaker Recommendations
If you are really serious about horns, I suggest a trip to DejaVu Audio in Virginia.  They offer a variety of custom built horn speakers using vintage Western Electric and YL Acoustic horns and drivers, all in modern cabinets and with top quality ... 
Will 2 watts monoblock 45 tube amp work for 90db speakers ?
It won’t satisfy you for long.  Not only will a 2w amp not have enough power for loud levels with a 90db speaker, it also won’t have enough control at low volumes. 
Name Your Top 5 Most Musical Dynamic Sounding Tonearms of All time?
My two favorite arms are Triplanar VII and Analog Instruments Siggwan, both used on a Galibier Gavia table.  Behind them but still in the running is a Moerch DP-6 with 12” wand.Some other arms I have owned in the past that did not measure up to th... 
Looking for great jazz guitar recordings - any recommendations?
In addition to the usual suspects mentioned above, some of my favorites include:George Barnes (especially duos with Carl Kress)Bucky PizzarelliSal SalvadorGene BertonciniBarney KessellOscar MooreJohnny Smith 
Spendor D7, D9 but no love Classic 100?
By Classic 100, do you mean the SP-100? If so, it is indeed a classic.  I had a pair of the original SP-100 (before the later variations called the R, R2 etc) for over 15 years and enjoyed them the whole time.  It was often called the “music lover...