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Hegel H4SE is mind blowing
Still using Morrow cable? You were high on them.. 
How are Scansonic MB 2.5 sound
Well although nice I did not like them, just not my style. A little bass heavy for me but good stage and dynamics. I really needed to hear them with tubes. He had naim SS integrated . Maybe I'm used to my Merlin TSMXE speakers with tubes. You may ... 
How are Scansonic MB 2.5 sound
Nice meeting you at Tyler house, would like to contact you sometime, is this possible.RegardsKen 
How are Scansonic MB 2.5 sound
What tubes does it take? The VTL is 85 watts Tetrode, 35 triode. I like tetrode better. I'll be bringing some music I like. I have many old tubes, small signal stuff and El34. 
How are Scansonic MB 2.5 sound
I will be there at 12:00 noon, come bye if you like I won't mind . Also wanted to listen with tubes but he had no tube amps. Are these good with tubes. 
How are Scansonic MB 2.5 sound
Thanks for your reply, will keep that in mind. Did you buy a pair? 
Scansonic mb serie
I am going to hear the 2.5 at Next level Audio on Saturday, will they best my Merlin TSMXE stand mounts? Thanks for any info. 
Merlin TSM review
I am doing the Magic Mod Upgrade next month, I have the TSMXE, and Bobby will do all the upgrades, hope it's worth it. 
favorite independant audio dealers/designers
Bobby at Merlin Music Systems 
Sub suggestions
Sealed, even better if your speakers are sealed too, not ported. 
Which integrated tube amp to go with which speaker
VTL I85.... 
Suggestions for phono cable
Cable Research Labs..CRL 
pacific valve&electric
They are out of business.