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Advice on best upgrade path for a Mac Mini setup
I have a Mac Mini with iTunes and Audiovana. How do you get rid of iTunes and just use the Audivana. Do I just buy the app from the iTunes Store. Thanks for any info or help. I'm using an iPad 2 to play music from its itune app. 
Top five live Rock And Roll Albums
James Taylor LiveVan Morison Live in San Fransisco SRV Blues at SunriseBruce Live in NYCBestles at Hollywood Bowl  
Paint for Merlin Vsm Mme speakers
Thanks,, , he told me to find a custom car paint shop in my area. I will check this out. It's only the top of one speaker that needs painting. I figure maybe 200.00, but I'll have to bring in speaker for guy to match the paint..platinum color. 
Paint for Merlin Vsm Mme speakers
What did he tell you, I also have some paint damage to my Merlin BME. 
Bass traps - too many choices!!
I also use Auralex bass traps in four corners of my 11x12 foot room. Also use corner tunes. My room is together. 
Music Lovers Speaker vs. Audiophile Speaker
My Merlin BME are both.....at least I think so. 
Apogee Acoustic Centaur Majors
Desperately needed quality amp stands!!
Google it....lots of info 
Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers
Great album, was out when I was in the Services.... 
Scansonic mb serie
Xti16, I met you in Bartlett when I demoed the 2.5. Although very dynamic I ended up not liking them, over bearing bass n my opinion. And 2000 hours for a speaker to break in is crazy. I'll stay happy with my Merlin BME speakers. Maybe I do have a... 
PSB Stratus Goldi Speaker Replacement Recmmndtion
My opinion, don't but the Golds, listen to the newer PSB speakers, and try to listen to few more to compare what sounds best to you. Only you will then know. 
Service for Tube Int Amp
Look up some electronic places that fix stuff like this. Look in phone book. I know of a place on Belmont, that fixes tube stuff. 
REVIEW: The Fritz Carbon 7 SE
I agree, I like what are I has to say . Also an elegant writer. 
Tube upgrade options for Dodge 8 preamplifier?
Agree, the RCA 12ax7 BP are very nice. Also Sylvania 12at7 BP are nice too. Westinghouse 12at7 also good. Plenty old tubes that test good are out there. 
Your ONE all time favorite love song?
Make It Easy On Yourself the Walker Brothers.