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How many of you believe in MQA?
I don’t care about it.  It is a lossy method of squeezing a high rez file into a Redbook container.  Why?  There are plenty of high rez containers.  I can stream 4K video into my house.  High rez audio isn’t even a challenge.  I’m not sure resolut... 
Would switching amps make a big difference?
Most speakers are designed to approach a flat voltage response, not power, and amps to be a voltage source. If the source impedance of the amp is rather high (tubes) then there will be an HF roll off. The performance of a solid state amp might sou... 
Which Class D Amplifier? PS Audio, Ghent, Nord, Merrill or other???
Getting hung up on theoretical problems (all designs have them) without regard to the audibility of said problems is a waste of time.  Am another new convert to pro audio amps.  I have been listening to a Crown XLS1502 for the last three weeks dri... 
Phono cartridge suggestions sought
VM740ML and spend the $1000 you have left on something else.