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Ultimate stereo nightmare
I live in the New York area (Long Island.) I have engaged a technician who’s coming tomorrow morning.  I hope he doesn’t throw up his hands in horror!  
Ultimate stereo nightmare
Thank you for your replies.   I wish I could get to the back of the system.  Unfortunately. It’s all sitting on the bottom of a very long TV table, so I have access only from the front. I would love to disassemble it all and start over, but all my... 
Classical music newbie needs your suggestions
@thomas_vick  Funny you should such disparate pianists as Horowitz and Gould in the same article. Usually not paired, they’re my two favorite pianists in the world.  
Classical music newbie needs your suggestions
I admire your quest. This forum may be a bit overwhelming, as most people are listing their personal favorites which you may or may not connect with.   As somebody has suggested, you might take a Music 101 or adult education music class to get you... 
What are your top three favorite classical compositions?
You’re right!   Three is a near impossible task. And, as was said, it might be different tomorrow.   But, here goes:  Mahler 9th Symphony  Mozart Requiem Almost any Mozart Piano Concerto (cheating)  
A light-hearted essay on loving music vs the audiophilia obsession
Simao, “Your first example of commenting on the sonic clarity is akin to someone watching a video clip of a particularly poignant event of movie commenting on the video quality.” So true!  
New Mercury Living Presence Mastering
After listening to many of the CDs in the sets It’s pretty clear that my assessment of the remastering was much too harsh. It’s definitely not a “travesty,” just not as good as the originals.  There are many pleasures to enjoy in this current rele... 
New Mercury Living Presence Mastering
If you want to hear the difference between the original Philips Mercury Golden Import CD and the new mastering go to Qobuz and type in “Paray Carmen” and you’ll see the two masterings. The Philips is the one that starts with the Patri Overture. I... 
New Mercury Living Presence Mastering
@mahler123   I can’t tell you how they compare because I don’t have the ten disc Paray set you speak of.  
New Mercury Living Presence Mastering
@melm  Thank you so much for your referrals.  
New Mercury Living Presence Mastering
@melm I’ve bought both sets and compared several of the remasterings to the Wilma Cozart supervised masterings and , at least on my set, there is a notable difference in detail and soundstaging. The incredible depth of field is just not present ... 
Am I Getting Soft Here?
@edcyn Thanks so much for mentioning the Mozart recording. A little amusing hearing it in German, but delightful and wonderfully performed and recorded.  The opera is, of course, one of Western civilization’s greatest achievements.  
Tone arm holder fell off
The part fell off while using it. The feather duster swept it away because I stupidly left it loose on the turntable and forgot. It is a flimsy part, and shouldn’t have fallen off so easily. I couldn’t figure out how to reattach it. It seems like ... 
Will this stuff ruin my records?
Never mind.  Thank you. I just used it, and the record actually was worse than before. Returning it!  
Digital is far better than vinyl
@sns  You’re absolutely right. And well put.  My enthusiasm was impulsive.