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New tubes or new preamp?
"07-01-13: BrrgrrRuss69, What did you get to replace it?"I'm embarrassed to say that I put a NAD C162 pre-amp into this system (not my main system). It's my back-up pre-amp. The NAD is full sounding with good bass. It kind of funny because I have ... 
Which amp for my Renaissance 90s?
On the cheaper end of things a Parasound A21 works pretty good. I have owned a number of Infinity loudspeakers including the Renaissance 80s. They like lots of power and can be matched to the best gear, if you choose. I also liked the Conrad Johns... 
New tubes or new preamp?
Dump the ARC pre and get one that is more lively. I just went through this with a ARC SP-9 MarkIII. A pre-amp change absolutely transformed my system. 
What is a minimum room size for 1.7 Maggies?
You'll need to get the Maggies at least 4 feet into the room, six feet is even better. If you can do that you are OK. 
Anyone try this way to wire your loudspeakers?
I'm a tad confused (as always), you are running full frequency info to both woofer and tweeter/mid bypassing the crossover? 
Opinions - Best Sound at T.H.E. Newport 2013 Show?
Last year I thought the Sanders electrostatics sounded best but they would not play any music other than their own so my opinion is not fully formed yet. 
How much do you have to spend, to get a good Sub?
Not enough info for an informed decision. I would need to know your requirements, the room size,your loudspeakers, and current sub before I could make any kind of recommendation. 
Advice on Upgrade
With your current selection of components, I also think a high quality integrated is your best move. Makes like Creek, Musical Fidelity or Arcam. Many can be found on the used market. Don't confuse these with mass consumer integrateds, these units... 
Kevin gets the
I have bought quite a few products from Kevin over the years. He has been nothing but helpful. Kevin has a very good ear and I have bought many items without ever hearing them. In all cases I was very satisfied. It's important to have a dealer you... 
Klipsch Cornwall III with Bryston 4B SST2 / BP17 ?
You'll need a good tube pre-amp and some warm cables (Cardas 300B or Kimber PBJ) if you want to use that combo. It still might be a bit too etchy. The corns really like some nice tube power. 
What should I upgrade
Speakers. Big tall full range speakers. You are missing the bottom half of the music. You are also missing the larger scale that big speakers deliver. No other change with make a huge difference. 
How old is too old?
Don't ever "downsize". When you get older you'll need a bigger system just to keep up with your hearing loss. I downsized once, it was a big mistake. 
Best Rock Song Of ALL TIME?
Traditionally it's been Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven". It must however be played at volume setting eleven. 
Bose 901 series VI & Yamaha A-S2000
"Russ69, You have extensive experience with a 45 year old speaker? Bose 901 is on series 6 now while your experience is with series 1...Once again I see another Bose basher with no real experience with Bose products."Yes, I'm an old guy. I owned t... 
Bose 901 series VI & Yamaha A-S2000
I have extensive experience with the Bose 901s originals (now called series I) and experience with the Super Bose configuration and even the big Bose 1801 power amp. Bose can project a nice wide sound stage but it is a totally artificial concoctio...