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how do you determine what to upgrade next?
You like your system "quite a bit." Why not just inve$t your limited fund$ in more LP's, rather than critically focusing on small nuances of sound reproduction? Just in-joy more music!I'm a firm believer in investing in the music- isn't this what ... 
Can we list the better labels? Chesky? Telarc?
Three Blind Mice (aka TBM) 
power amplifiers with ICEpower module
Question- Where does JO4 technology (used in highly regarded Goldmund amps) fit into great amp design? Stellavox & Job amps are reasonably priced, using the same JOB4 technology. I own the Stellavox PW-1 monos. They sound fantastic, weigh litt... 
How about an Audiogon poll for 2004? Categories?
Ben-Sounds great. I think Tvad's phrasing of "favorite" is more accurate.An interesting poll for me would ask: "Favorite CD or LP song to demo speakers with?" 
Dead Can Dance's Into the Labyrinth
Check out the DCD "Spiritchaser" as well. Excellent dynamics with exciting, surprising sounds. Each cut is unique. Start with the spacey & brilliant 'Song of the Stars'. ***I urge you to turn off the lights, light a candle (or whatever your pl... 
CES attendess: Recommended hot music?
Synthfreek- Thanks- that's exactly what I mean. Finding exciting, impactful music is what this hobby is all about. I thought I was being clear. Oh well. It must be the cloudy Seattle skies that make me lack communicative skills. 
Linn Classik ? Sound good?
Demonjon-Keep in mind that the Classik has Pre-Out. At any point you can bypass the Classik amp (while still using the preamp, remote, tuner & CD) by connecting an outboard amplifier for more "grunt"/cleaner power.Planning ahead then, that out... 
Spectacular Drum Set?
Cut #4, "C'era Una Strega," on Round About Midsummer's Dream by Gianluigi Trovesi Nonet. The entire CD is dynamic & well recorded. Available through Enja records http://www.enjarecords.com/c9384.htm Highly recommended! 
Help to select speaker cable for Focus Audio FS688
Richard-PS Audio is closing out their Statement bi-wire speaker cables at insanely low prices. If you can still find a pair they're a phenomenal value without spending a hunk o'cash. I run & jump 688's with Stellavox PW-1's. Fun speakers, eh? 
Rowland 201's vs. Model 10
Thnaks Kcleveland. That's exactly what I was looking for. 
Focus Audio 688's
I own a pair of 688’s and enjoy them immensely. They’re eerily three-dimensional. To my amazement, they work well with all types of music (jazz, world, classical & rock), and engage me through soft and loud passages, solo & complex. I've n...