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Temporary Down Sizing - Integrated Amp Recommendations
If it's only temporary why spend that much $$$$$.  I use PS Audio Sprout for a small system in my office.  Nice little amp, only $700.  Probably easier to sell off when done with it.  
Manufacturers past their heyday
can you imagine how long the list is for manufacturers that should never have gone into the audio business???!!!!! 
I nominate this company as building best speakers!
I love great equipment, but not for $30K.  I wouldn't be round to enjoy them if my wife found out about them.   I'll stick with my Snell Type C.    
Has anyone finally decided to sell their Turntable and Vinyl collection?
i think jumping off the empire state building head first would be less painful...…... 
Sister's wants music system without the hassles!
eyes glaze over!?!*&^???????simple yamaha receiver with a pair of elac or audio engine speakers. 
Integrated or Receiver?
if you listen to fm broadcast then you should be happy with just about any yamaha reciever.  i bought one a few years ago for my nephew as a graduation present and he is thrilled with it.if not, then i'd take a look at the Cambridge Audio Topaz ... 
What music or equipment gifts did you get for Christmas this year?
I didn't get anything.....my wife's not an audiophile.   Boo Hoo. 
Greatest Rock Drummers
Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones,and the late Tom Ardolino of NRBQ 
"10 Recommended Turntables"....
Best indoor FM antenna, your experience.
Simple FM Dipole, wire antenna, change orientation for best reception. Tape it to a window if you can.I've used amplified antennas in the past with no better reception. 
What is your speaker ownership history since 1995?
Advent UtilitySnell Type C (1st generation)Cambridge Sound Works (outside)Both have been re-foamed.