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DVD-R Iincopatability?
I did finalize the discs, they are DVD-R. I also tried titling them with still no success, file explorer in Windows does not show or list them, they just won't read at all. Albert looks like you may have found the answer for me, as I feared that i...
Mofi, Thank you very much for the info and help. I'm so very sorry to see that Gemm is no longer doing what they had done so well, it's a real loss to collectors. 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
For me it's the new release from Megan Slankard "Running on Machinery". Meagn is an independent artist(soft rock) and this latest is phenomenal! 
Need help with Apogee Centaur Major
Ponnie, Try and post on the forum, they should be able to help out. 
Looking for really fine cables at really low price
I can endorse Grover Huffman's cables also and Grover himself, he is a great man to deal with and his products have always been excellent. 
Grover EX+'s
Matt where are you using these particular ICs on; CD to Pre, between amp/pre etc.? 
ARc CD3 Repair follow up Question
Thank you both for your added help. Mofi where my confusion was that my thinking was that since the CD3 is always on Stand By that the it was delivering low current to the power supply and thus utilizing the PS caps as well in the process. I reall... 
determing reflection points
Thanks for helping me with that, I think I've got it. additionally, any way to determie reflection points on the ceiling too? 
surge protection & noise?
Kijanki, Thank you for helping with an explanation, that helps me more. I know about MOVs and what I have also been interested in was the units from Audience as they are like the Furman (I didn't know that Furman was built like that).Since I use a... 
Surge Protection Advice
Depending on how much needs to be plugged into it, I can recommend the Shunyata Venom Defender (for a single outlet), I just got one and am using it and am extremely satisfied with its performance! 
ARC CD3 follow up questions
Thank you Jafant and Mofimadness, it sure is good to hear music in the house again with the CD3 back and it sounds a little better each time I play something! I called ARC about the selective disc problem and left a message for Cal and am just wai... 
ARC CD3 follow up questions
Disc read problem hasn't been addressed as of yet but, it also is not unique as it was also present in the ARC CD2 that I owned prior to this. I will call Kal and ask him later today and report what he has to say but it's just funny that the disc ... 
ARC CD3 follow up questions
Thank you so much Mofimadness. I thought there would be a time frame to expect but, wasn't sure how much to expect. I was listening yesterday to Dire Straights "On Every Street" and already what a change I heard! The sound was a bit more relaxed a... 
ARC CD 3 Doesn't read disc?
Thanks both of you for your useful suggestions, I'll try my Disc Washer CD lens cleaner again and also try my cleaning the disc with Ultra Bit. Just wondering because the Phillips Pro 2 is a 3 beam laser as opposed to a single ( because it will pl... 
Any ideas?? ARC CD 3 doesn't work
I'd prefer not to but, the cost was very reasonable (imho) and was less than what I had feared it might be and the Venom Defender just arrived as I was writing this too, so I'm a happy guy today and the CD 3 is on it's journey back home to me :). ...