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Mark Levinson 526 as Headphone Amp
Thanks I will try it out and an amp, the only way I can know  
Revisiting Step Down Transformers (220V to 110V)
Thank for the feedback.Company is paying this shipping there and back.i have all of the original boxes.I will go the transformer route.  Also look into the 50-60hz route. 
Streamer Value Question Innous vs Bluesound
@jperry1  - I am thinking of hooking a Naim ND5 XS2 to a Mark Levinson 526.  Does this follow your thought process?Great streamerGreat DACGoing to a great amp...In this setup, does each instrument do it's job?  I don't want to "not use" a specific... 
Streamer + Preamp + Amp ... setup
Thanks tomcy61 - I'll do the search.   Your response helps a lot on a first order.  I know there are a lot of combinations.