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5 Years or More?
I have Snell CIV speakers from 1992, replaced a blown mid-range, but have no plans to replace soon. Love the bass too. 
Focal 1037be's Amp Suggestions ???
Sell me your BAT VK300x when you decide to replace it- 
Rock Siblings.....
Forget Sean? One of the best songwriters of his generation? Everyone has an opinion, obviously, and mine differs from yours. Nothing wrong with that really. 
Budget preamps less than 3 bills......winner is?
Rogue Magnum 99? Once I solved the noisy phono tube problem its been a gem. 
Ringo Starr or Charlie Watts???
Dreadhead, good suggestion. I will pass on it in the future. 
Mark Knopfler at Red Rocks
I had the chance to see the Mark Knopfler/Emmylou Harris All The Road Running mini-tour at Radio City in NYC, and it was spectacular. As good as he is, she eclipsed him. She is that great, and that's just a statement of fact. They are each truly u... 
Wadia 781
Is this real, or just hype? Who has had the opportunity to listen and then make a call? 
Ringo Starr or Charlie Watts???
What a ridiculous question. Totally laughable. Nothing more to say really. Pathetic. 
How Happy Am I Gonna Be??
Are you smiling as you write that? I was. 
How Happy Am I Gonna Be??
Audiofeil its "never make a pretty woman your wife". But 
The best speaker you ever heard?
HQD, the hartley-quad decca set-up Mark Levinson put together, many years ago at Lyric in New York. 
Shelby Lynne
I saw/heard Shelby two weeks ago at a small venue in New York, she did nearly the entire recording, and it was just magical. I bought the LP there and in my view it is not any better than the CD, at least on my system, in my room. But they are bot... 
Shelby Lynne
Happy to see my ears are still functioning! Another new disc that I also like a lot is the new Cat Power, also covers. Quite beautiful. 
Name three of yours the most favourite drummers
John Bonham, Ginger Baker, and Richard Starkey 
Who is your favorite blues guitarist
John Campbell