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On what do you place your AA Capitole Reference SE
Look at the Adona racks. They combine granite with MDF and a special adhesive to (supposedly) get the best of both. I use one, and really like it, but I have no way of knowing what might be better for you. I know that it is much better that MDF, o... 
Suggested Stands for B&W 805 Diamonds
Thesoundhouse is correct. Besides that, when you sell them, they will be more desirable to the buyer if they are sold with the proper stands. 
Does anybody have any thoughts on E55Ti Tower
You should probably mention what brand of speaker you are referring to. 
Review: CH Technologies X15 power cord
Chuck,I do appreciate your review. CH Technologies should really appreciate it too, because it is only through word of mouth that companies in the brutally competitive cable game are going to prosper if they don't develop informative, easy to use ... 
Review: CH Technologies X15 power cord
That's about the worst website I have ever seen. 
Preamp Deal of the Century
Ironsienna,Nice picture of your laptop, but I can't see much of anything else with the lights off. 
Speakers free of grain, glare and steel?
Given your stated priorities, I would also recommend Spendor; the SP100 with Sound Anchor stands in particular. Another poster here mentions the 9/1. I owned both for years each, but not at the same time, and although the 9/1 wins the beauty conte... 
Where R U?????
Blackwood, New Jersey, (15 minutes south of Philadelphia) but I wil be moving to Surprise AZ. in August. 
Clarence Clemons - RIP
Jeffreybowman2k,I read your post about 3 minutes ago, and I am still belly laughing. (for real) Dewsh...I wish I had thought of that! 
usual speaker advice question
Slow down Bigby...his budget is $1000.00. 
usual speaker advice question
I second the Klipsch Epic CF-4, as I own a pair and love them, but in the same vein, the Cerwin Vega CLS 215 ia supposed to be great. They can also be had new for a good price. 
new pink floyd sacd's
Search the threads for that information, it was recently covered. 
Review: Dali Euphonia MS4 Speaker
What happened to the King? Is he in exile? 
Review: Dali Euphonia MS4 Speaker
Drubin,Thanks for the detective work! It's funny, but before I read your post, I looked up King of Music to see how long he had been a member, etc., since his praise of the speaker was so effusive, and saw that he had only made 1 post (the one abo... 
Why Not Return the Favor?
I frequently look at the new posts on member systems, and make comments and compliments if I think something is really nice. I remember following your speaker journey with the beautiful Tannoys with interest.(and lust!) I understand what you're sa...