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Cal Audio Labs CL-2500 DVD player
Ckorody,Any suggestions as to a dedicated player for much less. Do you spend any time paying attention to the newer CD players or are you too involved with hard drives? 
MHZS Audio CD-66, Looks nice but is it any good ?
Bob,I purchased a brand new MHZS CD66 player from an ebay merchant in Hong Kong for $550.00. Mine is not modified. Out of the box it sounded a little bright (vocals) so I let it play continuously for approx. 150 hrs. and the brightness reduced a b... 
Classe Cap-101 vs. Plinius 8100
I purchased a used Portal Panache on Ebay. It is a wonderful sounding amp that is being used in my bedroom system. I have had no problems with it however I use a 3 to 2 prong adaptor connected to the power cord & outlet to eliminate minor but ... 
Can the Sony S7700 play CDRs ?
My 7700 in stock form does have some navigational problems with CD-R's but I pretty much NOW know why. I don't burn CD-R's on my computer but on burners integrated into my audio system. It will play but struggles with CD-R's burned on my (now in s...