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loading resistor question
My two cents about MC cartridge loading:A moving coil cartridge is an electromagnetic generator and, thus, obeys the laws of electromagnetic induction. Electromagnetic induction is the production of voltage across a conductor situated in a changin... 
Your favourite cartridge
ORTOFON A90, after having owned about 10 other "high-end" cartridges. Playing through the VERA balanced current input MC phonostage, it simply dissapears and you are just listening to music! 
What will beat ear 834p by a margin
Coming back to your original question, the VERA phonostage beats everything! 
Lemo phono connector
John, the link to the Mouser website refers to a similar, but not the correct connector. The mating connector for the LEMO plug as used with VPI arms is the LEMO PHG.0B.304.CLLD52Z, unfortunately not available at Mouser. A workaround is to use the... 
Lemo phono connector
What exactly do you want to do? LEMO from VPI to one XLR doesn't work, because the LEMO is 2 channel balanced floating (4-pin) and the XLR is 1 channel balanced with ground reference (3-pin). Check and send me an email, I can help ... 
VPI Classic - Now you have one......
I'm coming back to my earlier thread: Would one of you guys by kind enough to let me know the clearance below the table (i.e. how much free space is below the table) and the Height of the top of the junction box above the rest surface on which the... 
Cartridge for the JMW 10.5i
The Benz Ebony LP is the Cadillac, the Dyna XV-1s is the Ferrari. I had both on my VPI arm, besides van den Hul, Koetsu, Micro Magic Diamond etc. 
Cartridge for the JMW 10.5i
I second Philb7777 and Abill; the XV-1s on my VPI HR-X with JMW 12.7 is hard to beat. Absolutely neutral, fantastic resolution, silky smooth highs... whatever you dream of. Of course, you'll need a first rate phono stage.Don't be closefisted here ... 
Using XLR for Phono out
Spaninc, the output of your VPI is in fact RCA balanced, not SE. It would make much more sense to go balanced from the cartridge to the phono preamp, see for example, than from the phono preamp further. 
VPI Scout Rear Stub Measurement
On my Scout, it is exactly 12.61mm, corresponding to 0.496457". 
Cartridge Loading
Dougdeacon, so you consider the loading of an MC cartridge to be an "equalizer" or "tone control" to compensate for deficiencies in the system/room? What would be the correct loading assuming that your system is perfectly neutral and located in an... 
How to convert VPI turntable to banlanced?
Lewm, to be technically correct:In a single-ended setup, in which (in each channel) one of the pins of the cartridge is connected to ground, the phono stage amplifies the signal present at the other pin of the cartridge with reference to ground. I... 
Well Tempered Amadeus
Thanks, Bob, but there is nothing in the manual.Max