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Best amplification for Monitor Audio PL300
Hi Zd,I live in small town.There isn't audio dealers here. 
What are the "new" brands in amps and pre-amps
Hi Bol1972,In your opinion, what will be the best for Monitor Audio PL300 (listen at low/mid levels)... Pass Int30A or Primare A32 + PRE30?I have this two options at same price.Regars,Rodrigo 
HiDiamond HD3 vs LessLoss DFPC Signature
I listened both cables, but in different systems and time. Only thing that I can comment is they are very, very good cables! Today i'm using HD D3 powercords! 
Entire system cable recommendation
Bol1972,Did you say that sold a lot of PL300 speakers.What kind of amplifier do you recomend for it?Could you list some models?Cheers! 
Entire system cable recommendation
Thank you everybody!I bought some Hidiamond cable.Hope they are what I seek.Cheers! 
Entire system cable recommendation
Hi Bo1972,Did you hear Kimber powercables?What do you think about Kimber Kable Palladium PK-14? 
Entire system cable recommendation
Thanks everybody!!!So many recomendations... That's great!And JPS Labs powercables? Could be good choice? 
Entire system cable recommendation
Thanks for all feedback. Audiogon's forun is fantastic!Here in Brazil we don't know about many good brands on market.I like "uncolored cable" idea. Already tested Kimber and Transparent. Kimber is better for my ears. Most natural sound, but models... 
Krell S300i Volume Control Popping Noise
I have the same noise.But i dont have waranty.:(