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Which DAC makers let you do in home trial?
Digital Amplifier Company (DAC) offers a 30 day trial/return policy for products. The DAC DAC 2 is fantastic sounding, very close to nos sound with exceptional imaging and clean extended   bass. Give them a shot well worth the try.https://www.cher... 
Recommended S.S. amp type for TANNOY 15'' speakers
Contact Tommy at Digital Amplifier Company. I have one of his Stereo Maraschino Integrated Amps and it sounds fantastic on any speaker I drove with it. Plus he offers a 30 day no questions return policy.https://www.cherryamp.com 
What is the most FUN pair of speakers you've ever had and why?
Charney Audio Companion! Full-range single driver designed on the Tractrix theory! Very engaging experience that draws me into the music and lifts my soul!  
Speaker for my system around 10K$, used.
Check out the Charney Audio Companion with Voxativ AF 2.6 drivers. Wonderful layered engaging sound with no need for a sub! Your room is about the same as mine and I get plenty of real bass from the AF 2.6 driver.http://charneyaudio.com/ 
Cube Audio or Charney
Yes I do own  pair of Charney Audio Maestro with the Omega RS7 driver, Listening to them now as I write this. I have never listened to Cube Audio but have listened to everything that Charney produces. I live about an hour from Charney and occasion... 
Looking to improve CD playback
Look into the Sparkler Audio S503 "Spiral" CD player. It can be purchased as a transport or a complete 1 box solution. I have owned mine since early this year and like the naturalness of the sound. I have owned a number of 1 box and transport/dac ... 
I am Looking for That Elusive 3 Dimensional Room Filling Soundstage
Charney Audio has just released a new version of the Maestro Horn designed on the tractrix theory. The Maestro is a full range single driver design utilizing the 8" Voxativ AC 1.6 driver. All Charney Audio designs deliver wide and deep sound stage... 
Which stereo amp to try under $30k
The Digital Amplifier Company (DAC) would be a good choice to audition. A pair of Mono MK2 Megaschinos will keep you under 10k or the 2 channel Megaschino MK2 for $6100. DAC has been around for a long time building digital amps that sound fantasti... 
New school Or old School DAC Or Cd player?
An external Dac is only as good as the transport and digital cable. I went with a Sparkler Audio S503 Spiral CD player. Very natural detailed sound using a NOS chip. Great sounding CD player for red book playback! Hope  you find what your looking ... 
Tube DAC without output transformer?
Owned an Audio Note Kits 2.1b with AN Silver coupling caps. Excellent sound very real and holographic. 
The best speaker for a small room...at any price point.
Charney Audio just released a newly designed Maestro horn utilizing the 8" Voxativ AC 1.6 $4400.00. Designed on the Tractrix Theory specifically for smallish rooms. Same sound stage and imaging Charney is noted for with a tad less bass. Make an ap... 
Best speakers 5k 10 k
Charney Audio Companion with Voxativ AF 2.6 drivers @ $8900.00. Charney is located in Somerset NJ. Set up an appointment to audition you'll be glad you did!http://charneyaudio.com/  
Flea Watt Amp: What Speakers Are. You Using With Yours? Recommendations
Using 8w Audio Note Kits (ANK) 300b Interstage Mono Blocks with my 100db Charney Audio horns. A great match for sure!http://charneyaudio.com/ 
Looking for SS power amp for...
Look at the Digital Amplifier Company (DAC). Tommy O is a great guy and will set you up. I have his amps and like how they perform. Very quiet and tuneful that deliver music not just sound.https://www.cherryamp.com/ 
Horn Speaker Recommendations
@willgolf Been away but monitoring the discussion. 4hcp is very good got mine to a 9 years ago playing to a 12 now. Life seems to get in the way of golf far too much these days. The Charney Concerto is the horn to use in your 19 x 30 room. The AER...