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Favorite Live Concert Recordings
Alison Krauss + Union Station Live Lou Rawls- LiveAnd many of the others already mentioned 
Horn speakers , high efficiency but not “shouty”
newtoncr, With a new amp, preamp, and speakers you will need a lot of run in time. Probably in the 300-500 hour range. You have a lot going on right now that will affect the sound.  Tubes from Andy are a good idea. He knows his stuff and good tube... 
What traditional dynamic speakers deliver a sonic signature similar to a horn speaker?
+1 for the Charney Audio horns. Why not just buy a horn speaker instead of looking for the "horn sound" in a conventional box design. Charney has a number of designs to fit budget and room size. I have a pair and have no desire to look at anything... 
How loud are you typically listening?
75-90 depends on the music and the day. 
Am I crazy? Definitely!
astorey, I may have missed it but what is your budget?  
Horn speakers , high efficiency but not “shouty”
Very nice...enjoy :-) 
Horn speakers , high efficiency but not “shouty”
newtoncr, congrats you’ve made a great choice! Which driver are you choosing for your Excalibur? 
Horn speakers , high efficiency but not “shouty”
I have had my Charney horns in Cherry since 2016 with no cracking issues whatsoever! I live on the coast in South Jersey and we have high humidity year round with heat in winter and ac in the summer. Interesting how you can comment without actuall... 
Horn speakers , high efficiency but not “shouty”
Yes you can crank up the volume with Charney Audio horns. As with any speaker your room will determine the effect. The Volti’s will play loud and clean but lack emotional engagement to the music/artist. More of a pro-sound if you will. The Charney... 
The Most "Analog" CD Player?
Sparkler Audio S503 is a very analog sounding player. I have ow and I’m very impressed with its sound and tonal balance. https://sparkleraudio.eu/en/products/s503-spiral 
Single driver speakers. Are they worth considering ?
Charney released a new version of the Maestro to accommodate those with smaller rooms. 8” Lii Voxativ or AER driver of your choice and can be finished pretty much any way you might want. They have a more traditional squared off style with the horn... 
Single driver speakers. Are they worth considering ?
How about a pair of Omegas with a pair of monster subs?I had the Omega Compact Hemp, Alnico Super 6 Monitors and Alnico XRS 8 all with dual Omega subs. Could never get proper integration until I used a Dspeaker Dual Core. The Dual Core helped to b... 
Power Cord Order of importance
Audio Envy cables have been getting a lot of interest lately. Relatively inexpensive but supposed to be exceptional! Do a search there is a decent amount of info out there. https://audioenvy.com/store/ 
Single driver speakers. Are they worth considering ?
I have to agree with larryi2 on the Charney Audio Horns. Throw out every conventional negative knock about fullrange single driver speakers. Charney Audio horns are designed on the tractrix theory and deliver music that emotionally engage the list... 
Tube virgin looking for tube amp under $3k
I have to second the Audio Note Kits recommendation! ANK provides a build service for some of their products. Any one of the el34 integrated amps will work for you. Hope you find what your looking for.Chris