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Science that explains why we hear differences in cables?
I’m with georgehoffman, there are a few things I might change in my system the Fidelium cables are staying. Knock the theory all you want, I don’t know anyone that listens to theory’s.  
Would Appreciate Advice Before I Buy
DavidCheck out Steve Gutenberg on YouTube, he’s recommended systems at different price points, I think he has one in the 2 to 4 thousand dollar range.Happy Hunting  
PrimaLuna Evo 200 underwhelming
Golfnut2Before you spend more money I would call Joel at Upscale Audio, he has a Prima Luna integrated and Tannoy speakers and he’s their amp and speaker guy. Just like when your golf game starts to fall apart you go see the pro.Good luck. 
Anyone else treated poorly by AVA?
BaylinorGood for you, small businesses are small for a reason and it’s usually customer service. You will love the Prima Luna worth the extra money and no sleepless nights.  
Interesting development
Are they asking 3 to 4 times the issue price or are they Selling at 3 to 4 times? I just bought a new issue of Lee Morgan’s Sidewinder for about $30, the cheapest I found on eBay was $200.Asking and selling are two different things. 
Substantial Upgrade
Opinions are nice and plentiful but I own the P6, buy the Dr. Feickert. If you get serious you will eventually want to upgrade the platter, sub platter and tonearm, $2000.00. It will then sound almost as good as the Volare but you’ll never get you... 
Article: "Spin Me Round: Why Vinyl is Better Than Digital"
The scientists call it Euphoric Distortion... that's the scientific term explaining why we humans prefer an analog sound, our ears and brain prefer the distortion from a vinyl record more then the distortion from a digital source. Why else would a... 
Most organic / real / analogue sounding DAC (ideally with Volume Control) for $1500??????
U.K. Take a look at Graham Slee's Majestic it fits what you are looking for, it's reasonably priced and right now it sounds like Phil Collins is in my music room. Contact them and they'll loan you one for a couple of weeks to try out.