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Trained ears.
This is a nice tool to play with. 
Chinese fake cables How fake, how good?
sbayne  China's companies over the years have done a lot of manufacturing "off the books" meaning the item may be made on the same line as the legit product but simply is not shown in the accouting sent to the company requesting the work. Its very... 
Does it make sense to use 6k$ Nos tube with 5K$ tube amplifier?
Not a tube guy, but curious.How much (and under what circumstances) do you listen to each of the amps? 
The Science of Cables
Unfortunately swapping daily likely won't work. You may have to burn them in for weeks, and then remember what the system sounded like before. 
The Science of Cables
elizabethI have decided to be a all out denier on Tuesdays and Thursdays. A believer in everything anyone says on Wednesdays and Fridays. "Who cares" on Mondays and Saturdays, Reserving Sundays for actually thinking for myself, in any way at all. ... 
Lowering the noise floor
Found this thread looking to reduce room background [email protected] willemj1Were you ever able to lower below 35dB? Measured yesterday and that is about where I am at. This is making sure the HVAC system is not running, but that is easy enough to accompl... 
Most satisfying system change in 2017?
polk432Legacy Audio Whispers w/ Wavelaunch. Love em. Old thread, but just had my Whispers / Wavelet delivered Saturday. 
TOSLINK Optical Signal Splitting?
You can get passive and active splitters, passive will degrade the signal strength. The signal strength for the active will be dependent on its' circuity.Don't have any experience with either, if your runs are short passive should be sufficient.  
Mark Levinson - how to fix white logo paint that has peeled away?
I think that I would try getting some paint that I could thin out enough so that it runs a bit, then set the amp so that the face is horizontal with the ground and dab it in with a something a bit smaller then the groove (pin/needle). 
Super Simple theory on speaker cables
erik_squiresWhat I'm talking about are how simulations miss how changes to the impedance curve alters the sound, even when the simulation says it does not. You would need to include some model of the amplifier in your simulation to possibly se... 
NAS Storage and Streaming for Hi Def audio, What NAS Hard drive system best for Mac..
I have a WD MY Cloud EX 2 bay that has been working well for the past 6+ years. I do not have experience with any other NAS so can't compare.The one thing that I don't like is that it utilizes a proprietary file format. This isn't an issue with da... 
The Carver Amp Challenge and the 21st Century and it's Failure
I don't think that manufacturers want a revealing measurement that could be used by consumers to understand real world performance, might hurt sales for some high dollar equipment.I have had two Carver TFM-42 amps driving a pair of Caver Amazing S... 
The Science of Cables
douglas_schroederProf, testing for power cord was with system identical throughout, using two identical stereo amps, and different power cords on amps. Only variable is power cord on amp.Did you then swap power cords to amps and repeat? 
Thinking to upgrade speakers
mtrotAt that price range, I would also hear the Dali Epicon 8. Sopra No 3 sounded great at RMAF, driven by the newly reborn Classe mono amps. Legacy Audio Aeris should also be considered. If you can get to $29k, run, don't walk, to hear the V... 
I'm getting my digital closer to analog while retaining the "good" qualities of digital...
geoffkait Two things digital playback has not (rpt not) learned to do is neutralize the effects of vibration and neutralize the effects of scattered laser light. Both of which problems, unfortunately, are huge. But other than that... 😛 There a...