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Anyone heard te Sony SS-AR1
Sonys high end digital has always held up well against just about anything. Scd-1 for example. They also had the ssm3,7,9 speakers which were acclaimed by audiophiles. Ssm9 was on the cover of stereophile. Then they had ssm9ed which played in the ... 
Anyone heard te Sony SS-AR1
Sony has superior resources than almost any other high end company. They choose where to allocate these resources. If they have chosen to do it in a $27k speaker I am not surprised at all it holds its own. 
Quad 99 phono stage?
I thought it was killer when I had the 99 
Which Quads: 12L2 or 11L Monitors?
I think that the 12L is the better speaker all else being equal. Especially with male vocals which seem to lack a little weight with the 11L. The 12L also nails piano which is something I pay close attention to.I can't recall thinking the 11L did ... 
Toddler-Friendly Budget Speakers?
Quad 21l2 is a great sounding, inexpensive (in context) and rock solid speaker that can be had for under $1k easily. Relatively easy to drive, great bass and a nice transparent and effortless sound. 
I love my little Quad 9Ls;will I like bigger ones?
Quad makes good speakers- not question but the 9l is a completely different design than the 11 and 12l active. Passives are another entirely different animal too.All sound good but different. 
Best active speaker
Check out the avi adm9.1s + subwoofer. Remote controlled analog pre, DAC and active speakers all in one cabinet for around $4500 including the subwoofer. What HiFi just reviewed them.  
Does Apple airport express work well?
I agree with you but wiring a house with cat5 today is expensive or a lot of work. Wireless N tx/rx above 200 mbps in the "real world" is more than adequate for the vast majority of applications including 24/96 music andhdtv- even at the same time! 
Revel Salons and Adcom amp, good match?
The nice thing about that adcom is that it has the distortion/clip LEDS on the front. As long as those are not lit up you are not doing any damage. It is a competant amp- but boy will you be rewarded when you get into something really nice. It sho... 
asynchronous USB dac or jitter reducing device
Dacmagic for even less. 
Is my room doomed? Pic
I think you can easily jump from a 5 to a 10 with room treatments or DRC. Break in will get you nothing in my opinion as for the most part it is a bogus term. The only thing breaking in is your ears to the sound. Sounds like your dealer is awful t... 
How to play Pandora on mini without a monitor
I can almost guarantee a better y adapter will not make an audible improvement to the sound. However, if it makes you feel better get one from audioquest or transparent. 
Preamp suggestions
This may sound crazy but an absolute killer is the Proceed AVP2. One is currently listed now well within your price range. Not only is the a fully balanced analog preamplifier but it also has an EXTREMELY nice sounding DAC and can do some other th... 
Speakers for Onkyo A-9555 Integrated
Magnepan MMGs work well with that amp. 
EL84 amp Vs. EL34 amp
The el84 and el34 are my two favorite sounding tubes.What you really need to look at is how their characteristics are going to integrate with your speakers. The speakers are a much larger piece of the puzzle- feeding them properly is critical. I w...