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Amps under $5k that are resolving at low volumes?
I have owned 10 pairs of Magenepans and I can tell you first hand that "low level" anything is not something they do well. 
Amps under $5k that are resolving at low volumes?
Isn't this more a function of the speakers? 
on the desktop?
I have a huge desk and the ls50 was too large for me. That speaker is wider and deeper than you might think. I have done several active nearfield monitors, Mini magnepans, and a wealth of conventional and unconventional bookshelves. For my tastes ... 
Proceed PAV as a two channel preamp..
It is an exceptional sounding unit that holds up to today's standards in my opinion. It had a companion box called the pdsd to gain Dolby digital capability. The PAV needs to be running a specific firmware to talk to the pdsd, so you really should... 
Soliloquy SAT5
I am going to provide a different perspective. I have owned 6.2 and 5.0. There is no doubt that these are great speakers and I have fond memories but they utilize proprietary drivers and the fact that solioquy are no longer in business would conce... 
Time for POT? previously owned tubes
I am actually pleased with a lot of the new production stuff. 
Speakers 12.5" or shorter, $1K new or used
Key ls50 or Gallo Strada. Both a little more than you want to spend. I would save your pennies and wait. You already have one of the best speakers under $1k that there is so it would be easy to make a lateral or backwards move. The above speakers ... 
The right amplifier for Quad 12L Classic
I have played a lot with the L series and the the best match I ever came across was using Arcam to drive them. Never did experience Exposure, but I have read extremely good things about that gear. 
How does Aragon 24k/2004 stack up to modern equip?
The 2004 and 4004 were superior to the 8008 series in my opinion. And the mk2 versions of these amps do compete with the best solid state designs from this time period IMO. 
Phil Jones' AAD 2003; any information?
Phil Jones is chief designer for Pioneer now. He is responsible for the new low cost line that is getting a lot of buzz. 
Oooh Potential Squeezebox Touch replacement
I am waiting on the Olive One. 
Thinking of moving from AVR to pre/pro and amp
Look into room correction. Outside of speakers and placement this can have the biggest impact on sound from my experience. There are several good systems available which are integrated into many popular avrs/prepros. 
Android Tablets - Plausible to use asMusic Server?
4.1 jelly bean supports USB audio. You could stream from a nas to get around storage limitations.I don't think this is an ideal arrangement but if you are not looking to buy something dedicated to audio you could certainly make it work. 
Active monitors, 3k used, great nearfield sound
I second looking at the AVIs. Very easy to overlook but the their active speakers are unbelievable. They are so good! Owner came from ATC. 
Advice for friend putting together a surround sys.
The best piece of advice you can give in my opinion is to ensure he gets something with audyssey multi eq or better. The impact this technology has on the sound in *most* rooms is beyond what everything else will provide with the exception of spea...