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Current NAD integrated amps, what are your impressions?
The c390dd is a super impressive. It is one of the best integrateds I have ever heard.  
New Peachtree Buzzing
CMX-2 will provide good piece of mind and may even clean up the ac line for you.  
Dynaudio X12's Upgrade? Small Room. Any advice?
Why not try x14s? I have had 12s,  and 14s and they may be the ticket for you. They are a substantially easier load for the Primaluna too. Also, X18 has the esotec drivers and a larger driver. I have not heard these yet but I bet they are killer.  
Dynaudio X12's Upgrade? Small Room. Any advice?
Your room is essentially a square which can be tough. Are you listening in the nearfield? If not,  that would be my first suggestion,  no more than 5ft from speakers. You have used a lot of very good speakers to not find something you like.  
New Peachtree Buzzing
It might be DC offset from your ac line. Unfortunately it is tough to prove unless you have a good filter you could try.  
Dennis Had Inspire SET with KEF LS50s
I have not, but I think you will find better pairings, especially if you listen at decent volumes. I am sure it will sound very pleasant, but if you A/B'd against against a more powerful amplifier you would hear a huge difference.I lit up a pair o... 
Devialet Silver Phantom
I heard them and thought they sounded excellent.  
Question about Sophia Electric Baby tube amp...
I agree. I owned both at one point and the cap upgrades (it was sonicaps at the time I believe) did make an audible improvement. It is worth it to replace the input tubes as well if I recall. Power cord, I doubt it but that is jut my opinion. 
Need Help Picking Out Bookshelf Speakers
Gallo Strada or Strada II. These are the most flexible speakers I have ever owned. I would get a gallo sub with them as they rely heavily on integration with a bass box. 
Spotify or Pandora
Pamdora does not allow you to pick a song and listen to it. You pick a song, it will create a playlist based on the dna of your choice and then maybe if you are lucky within the first 10 songs it decides to play, you might hear the actual song you... 
Amp Recommendations for Magnepan MMG Speakers
Big question with a lot of variables. The mmgs are likely the best $600 speakers on the planet as long as they can be set up properly. Plenty of space from the back wall and side walls. If you have space, then they are an option but how to power t... 
Is Goertz still the choice for Magnepan?
Solid core copper works great as well. 
The most dynamic & transparent bookshelf
What you are asking for is the textbook definition of active monitors. 
Best pre-amp in an integrated
Too many variables to give you a definitive answer. Most $3k integrateds will have excellent pre and power sections, how they will synergize with other components is hard to tell. 
Is my preamp useless?
Your preamplifier is not only providing attenuation, but it also helps match input impedance to properly drive your amplifier- regardless of level. Not saying a passive won't work, as your Cary amps input impedance is relatively high, but it is no...